Certain things in my life have taken on a new meaning as I have gotten older. I’m trying to listen more. I’m trying to hear better. So much joy is being found in the collecting of words and phrases in my mind and heart.

I’m reminded how quickly life changes. Seasons come and go in the blink of an eye.

Painting and drawing, for me, has always been a simple pleasure but as I look back I see how God has been preparing me for what He is calling me to in this next season.

In 2010 my world forever changed as we discovered my sweet mother’s diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. During one of the most difficult times of my life I began to write journal entries about her journey to friends and loved ones.

Those last days with her and after her home going to heaven, I started putting words to paper in a new and fresh way. Stories began and paintings were created around these words. God was giving me a new path to follow.

It is my great joy as God gives me words and art to create expressions of His grace for others.