“A Glimpse of my Daddy”

When I was a young girl, I prayed for a baby for our family. Many birthday wishes  and prayers were always the same, “Please, Lord, give our family a new baby”  It was my quest! When I was 12 and my sister was 15 , my prayers were answered when we got our little brother. William Reed McMahon, Jr.  We all were excited. I remember so well when Mother told us how my big, strong Daddy, actually cried with tears of joy when he saw our Billy for the first time.


My Daddy lived a life filled with ladies. At any one time in our home, for special occasions, there would be 8-10 ladies around the table.  His mother, his sister, his mother in law, his grandmother in law, aunts, friends of his mother in law and her mother, mother and of course, Anne and me.  Daddy would be the lone man at the end of the table. He loved every one of those ladies and willingly would help when asked if he could do something for one of them. I never heard him complain, wishing he didn`t have to spend time helping, or wishing he had time for himself. His heart was so full of love and compassion ,that is just came naturally.

He loved well. It was only natural that when he saw his son that God gave him, he was over joyed. Oh the things they would do together and the things that he would teach his son to build. We all were blessed and our family was complete.

Daddy had only 8 years with this son of his before God took him home to be with Him. Our lives changed forever that year when cancer invaded our little family. Memories had been made with his son, our Billy, but as the years have gone by, those memories have faded for him. He only had 8 years to know his Daddy. I had almost 20 years to engrave it all in my heart. I can still see in my mind, his love and kindness and  he fleshed out for others.

God gave me a physical glimpse of my Daddy the other day, through this grown son of his, my little brother.  We three siblings, Anne, Bill and I,  met for lunch with our aunt, Daddy`s sister, who is going to be 80 this year. We were discussing some upcoming events about her car and what needed to be done. After trying to figure out the best thing to do, my brother looked at her and asked, “would you like for me to go with you one day next week to the dealership to talk to them?”  As he offered to take off from work, to help, she nodded her head and said,”yes”, with a feeling of relief. He said, “no big deal, I will be glad to.”

At that moment, I looked at him and said, “you are just like your Daddy” It was just so real, as if I was seeing Daddy, all those years ago, saying those same words to any one of those ladies who depended on him.

Today, all of those years later, I still pray for that baby boy, that has now grown up.  The prayers have changed to prayers of praise. I thank God that during those 8 years he did life with his son, Daddy taught him a lifetime of love and compassion for others, and in doing so,  taught him to shine for Him.

Love you Daddy….

Love through the eyes of a Child

As I was looking through some things a few weeks back, I came across this little book that my older son gave me when he was 8.  I tend to save things that the kids made for me, not all of them, but the special ones.  With this little book, it took me back to 1985..  Forever ago, right? but I can close my eyes and still see him when he handed it to me.

It loved it then, and as you can tell, it has been worn during the years as I would reread it. I sent the picture to him the other day for him to show his son, now 8 years old. I told him to let Heston know that sweet things he made, at his age, to give them, would last a lifetime… and would always be special to keep.





It is funny to read the things that he wrote and that were important to him then, but as I do, my heart overflows with love.  The love that he had when he created the book, and the love that we have shared during these years.  He is long gone from home now, with a family of his own, but these memories bring such joy and make my heart smile.

Then… I worked on a painting that I had started earlier. Erased the face features and started over, with watercolors and stabilo pencil, I sketched this new girl, and gave her a bit of color.


She is a reminder to “Give Him your weakness and He will give you His strength”

It is a new season in our country. Praying for it to be a good one as we give our new administration a chance to make it good.

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I hope you have a great new week,

Love, Jane

“Christmas Egg Ornament” memories

Today, all of a sudden, I had an overwhelming moment where I missed my Mother. .  These times just come out of no where.

A few days ago, I found an old book where she had spoken into it and it recorded her voice telling the story.  My sister and I commented, as we listened,  that we don`t ever want to forget her voice,  but it is getting harder to remember as the years go by ….  It has been almost 6 years, and yet when I stumble upon a memory, it is as if she is still there at her house, waiting for me to call her in the morning to see how they are.

My friend told me yesterday how much she is missing her mom and it has been two years for her…Just like a good friend, I sympathized with her, saying she would always have that hole in her heart, but that we know how wonderful it is for them now in the presence of Jesus, and that for sure makes us happy.

So true, those words, and I do know and believe that if they could choose to come back, they  would not want to, but would want to continue to  just to bask in His presence and wait for the rest of us to join them. I know that… but oh my heart….. those memories that keep her alive in my heart, are the very memories that I long to relive.

I am not a little girl, but a grown woman, with grown children of my own and even grandchildren, and yet I still miss her…. Reminds me of the saying from Winnie the Pooh that I love, “How lucky I am to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard”  Truly, so hard..

So, what started this for me today was my art room. Oh, my beloved art room. I clean it up one week then work on projects from time to time, pulling things out and rearranging other things, and stacking things into new piles and on and on… Today, my sweet husband came up there with me to help me put up this new easel that I had gotten from the kids for my birthday. It had been sitting up there, just waiting for me to figure out how to put it together and wondering where I would put it to work on it. So, I mentioned to him that I needed help, and he went on up there to see how to do it. Two hours later, it is finished, and up in the corner waiting for plastic drop cloths to be placed under it so paint will go on there instead of the rug…. And waiting for its first practice time with me.  LOL!!



But as he was working…  I hated for him to be there by himself in my room, so I went and began to clean up a bit, well more than a bit, I pulled things out and tried to throw away, and reorganize. In doing that, I came across a big box that I had pushed back in a shelf,  I am sure, years ago, and had not noticed or pulled it out in years.  As I pulled it out and opened it, Oh my heart……  I opened the tiny boxes carefully and my mind went back years ago,  when Mother had made these very fragile egg ornaments.



She had three or four started but not glittered yet, and little boxes of supplies that she used, all stacked away neatly in this big box.




I wanted so bad, not to cry. I tried not to….  I wanted to just pack it up , put it back on the shelf and finish my task in there. By now, the easel was done and Tom had left, so, I gave myself a moment, to relive those days, so close to Christmas, as she would show me what she had been working on for months, to give away for presents.  She worked all year, to have special things, handmade things, to share with friends and family.   I took a picture and sent it to my daughter in law, who also shares the love of egg ornaments, and all the special handmade things mother made.   She made some herself, years ago after she and Tommy  married and before children… that I treasure.  So, I shared the picture with Rebecca, who was very excited to see my find.

I did shed a few tears, but not so much sadness but tears of gratitude ….for  those times with her and memories that would be with me always. Yes, as I told my friend, we will always miss them. Does it get easier? I haven`t figured that out yet, but these times don`t come as frequent.   She lives in my heart, He fills that hole with His presence and those gifts He gives me, out of nowhere of my sweet mother.

As I am finishing up ,I text Rebecca to say I am saving it for when they come visit and spend the night so we can look at it…. I get a text from her,  excited, saying she hopes we have time to pull it out to play with so Heston can help. He loves projects!  Yay!! happy heart now. as I anticipate new memories and the egg projects to be passed down to a new generation to cherish.

Also, thankful for my new easel!!! thanks, Tom, for assembling it for me and thanks, Tom, Rebecca and boys, for my birthday gift!!

In closing , let me reiterate how good God is…. In the midst of things as I am going through them, I come across a card with the caption, “You are in my heart forever” as I open and read, it is a poem on a Blue Mountain arts card. I read the first few pages, then the last page, so relevant to my post, says, “My dreams for your life may not always be the same ones you seek. But one thing remains the same,  your happiness will always be my greatest treasure. I know now that the true miracle of that first touch lies in one simple truth….. even though your hand may slip away from mine, we will hold each other in our hearts FOREVER”…. and she underlined “forever”……   So with that, I take great comfort… that He was reminding me of my heart and what it holds…..

Happy Saturday and new week!!

Love, Jane

October week in Dallas

This week, Tom and I were able to go to Dallas, for a much planned and anticipated trip. The week they moved in August, Tommy asked if we might be able to come help out while Rebecca was out of town at a family wedding.  So, Tom had a bit of business out here for a few days and the rest worked out nicely. As we arrived on Wednesday night, the house was decorated with all the finest of Halloween and October decorations. Many things I noticed, were items given to them over the last years. Some, even were used in my house when the kids were smaller and I decorated more. But now, it made me happy to see them with new purpose and to be able to be used for many more years…

I was impressed with this project  that the boys had done with their mom. Loved the decoupaged pumpkin look! They had taken lots of magazine words and pictures and put them together. Made for a colorful display…


I usually bring my sketch book along and watercolor travel packs, so when it is quiet at night, after bedtime or during naps, I brought it out to sketch. This one just started as a sweet little witch but then grew as more things were added around her..


Then the fun coloring part began with the watercolors and the detail with the fine line marker. The colors dont show up quite as bright with no scanner but here it is…finished


As Leif was sitting with me one morning, and Heston  was in school…. we had a bit of time, in between watching Toy Story, to draw. He wanted a Mickey pumpkin. So, the thought began with Mickey in the middle.. then… “draw Mickey, Grammie, draw Pluto, Grammie, draw Woody, Grammie, draw Goofy, Grammie..”. and on and on until the page was filled with his requests…


Then the next step when he went to bed, watercoloring….


This is as far as this one has gotten. I will have to highlight and detail it when he goes to bed tonight… But this is our project so far…

Just one more day, then back to Birmingham., but it sure has been fun visiting Dallas… with the boys…. Glad to get to see Rebecca tomorrow night before we leave on Tuesday..

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Have a great new week!!

Love, Jane

“Believe in yourself”


I started a new pencil sketch to watercolor last week.  I was thinking about what to call her, as I flipped through  one of my favorite books, Simply Tuesday, by Emily P Freeman. In it, she asked “is your soul being held hostage by hustle?”  She encourages to embrace today`s work. Find contentment in the NOW. Replace competition with connection. Learn to breathe in a breathless world. It is time to release our obsessions with BUILDING a life and BELIEVE in the life GOD is building within us.

So, I incorporated her thoughts into my watercolor girl and used these words as the journal part of her dress., then watercolored over them. I finished her with some paint splatters, and a little bird nest on her shoulder.


As I am visiting my son and his family in Dallas this weekend, I brought a few art supplies but they have not left my suitcase. LOL!! So I share a painting I did last week before I left and hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!

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Have a wonderful new week!



Memories…….Family time…. and Heston

I have tried to be a big girl this week. I know life happens, new jobs come, people move away and life goes on. I know God has the bigger picture planned, that we can`t see.  I know there are so many people who are hurting with serious, serious trials going on…. I know all the things to say,  I choose to have my cup half full instead of half empty…. Yeah, yeah…. all of that is true, but this morning, I have given myself the time to myself, to be a little bit sad as I sort out this new season.  I tried not to be, I tried to keep busy these last few days so time would pass and it has, but today… in the middle of nowhere, as I am doing some research for this book of mine that I have all planned in my mind, I come across this blog from 4 years ago and it happened.!! LOL….


Now, I know, I have choices  to make here . Smile and feel blessed that we had such fun times together…. and believe me, I do.. I smiled at the memories as I looked at pictures and relived them and am so thankful that we were in the same town for so long. Yes, I did that.. CHECK… but the other choice that almost pulled me down, was to cry and feel sorry for  myself that they were gone. ALMOST…… I almost went there, and if I was really being truthful, I actually did go there for a second, but then pulled myself back up to the half full glass.!!

We did have some great times together, all of us, and now great memories to have … But this little one, the one who gave me my grandmother name and made me a grandmother. is very, very close to my heart today, as I remember those early days, thankful. I know there will be many more to come. This was all before Leif, and new memories will be with them both when we get together, I know that!!!

Time, doesn`t it go by so fast, especially as we get older.? My children growing up is just a memory…. and now grandchildren, you get a chance to go back there once again.

So, the purpose in my rambling, is just to be thankful for each day. Life happens, so just live today to its fullest…

Thankful for the memories!!!! I wish my Dallas family the best of luck on this new adventure of theirs. I know they will do awesome, as they start this new chapter.

Here`s to memories!!!!



summer, 2012

Today, we went on a little day trip with part of our family, a few couldn`t come, but Lara was home and got to go with us, Rebecca, Tommy and Heston too. We played a bit, had a picnic, played a bit more then headed back home. It was a quick little outing but we had a fun time together.

On my way home, I am thinking and singing this song to myself about blessings……

  1. There shall be showers of blessing:
    This is the promise of love;
    There shall be seasons refreshing,
    Sent from the Savior above.

    • Showers of blessing,
      Showers of blessing we need;
      Mercy-drops round us are falling,
      But for the showers we plead.
 I love that song, and as I am thinking about the words, it just screams out to me… I pray for God to shower His blessings down on those who are hurting, on those who are in the midst of trials, but today…. I am reminded about all the blessings He has showered down on me…
Nothing gives me any more pleasure than to do things with my family. I love that most of us are all in Birmingham and I love that Lara is so close that we can see her easily…. Today, I am thinking about my family, my children then comes to mind… a recent blessing….. just four years ago…. he came into our lives and his name is HESTON!!!  He is alive with personality! I have raised my own redhead and now, we have the privilege of watching one of ours raise his own redhead!
Yes, the Grandmother role is like no other… I say that God made me for this very thing because my heart melted the moment I became one!! You hear others talk about it but like everything else, until you are walking in the very same shoes as those who are already in this group, you don`t grasp the whole realm of the awesomeness of it!!
I have read a book that Mother had entitled,  “Funny, you don`t look like a Grandmother”! It has brought many smiles to my face as I read the things that she underlined along the way. The stories that this Grandmother tells, I can soooo relate to now that I am a grandmother!!
 Heston is the reason for this entry tonight though.. Yes, I love my children, and I will write about them another time but today, my heart smiles as I think about our day together…
We can talk about anything to each other. I love our before nap time rocks… and will do them as long as he will let me. We read stories, we say silly words, we laugh, we say I love you, then naptime comes. Today, was no exception to the silliness that we share. Something happens that just cracked him up, I will not go into the depth of the conversation on here but it was pretty funny to us. Someone had the camera at just the right time.
When he was born until he turned three, I kept him on Mondays. His first birthday party,….


  • His first snow at our house
Easter at our house after all the eggs had been found…

Our day trip to Little River Canyon and hiking through their property… we found a place to sit down and have a little “quiet” time….

His Superman birthday party for his 3rd birthday, where I made his cape and eye masks that he wouldn`t take off…

Then there was today…

it must have been really funny!!

Tonight, my heart is full of love for this sweet little redhead. I am so glad that God showered down blessings that include the love this Grammie has for this precious little one.

Thank you, Lord, for family, for hope, You give us…. for the joy, the love that you share with us so we can share with others… and thank you for Heston!

Have a great new week!

Love, Jane

My sweet Daddy

Tomorrow would have been my Daddy`s 87th birthday.  November 20, 1928 was the day he was born.

Wow… Hard to think what he would have been like had he lived to be the ripe old age of 87.

He would have spent a life time in his woodshop. I have no doubt of that. He loved to create things with his hands. He built Mother a new bedroom set one year. He built a beautiful curio double shelf to hang on the wall. I can`t remember now if it was for my grandmother or her friend, Louise. They did everything together and one of them had bought the curio to have and Daddy copied it to give to the other one so they would have the same one.I now have one of them, sprayed silver, wonder what he would think of that!!


He built Anne and me a little hutch one Christmas for our dolls to sit on. He taught Billy how to use his machines to make wooden candlesticks one year. He would have made the grandchildren so many neat things. But he never had a chance to meet them.

He died when I was 19 years old, just three months after he walked me down the aisle to give me away at my wedding. He was only 45 years old. Cancer…. it came quick and it didn`t last long, his fight with cancer  was short but he won the battle in just three short months.

He was the best Daddy ever. I am sure every little girl says that about her Daddy but I really mean it! LOL!! He loved big. He loved Mother so big and good. He treated her like a queen. They had the sweetest love story, mapped out in boxes of love letters he wrote to her as they were apart before they married.

He loved us girls, and always , I mean always, he expected us to love and respect mother. He didn`t tolerate anything less. He taught us not only by words but by example. He was kind. So kind to everyone. He helped take care of Mother`s mother and her grandmother. He helped take care of his parents, as they got older and his sister, Gail. When his Daddy died, he stepped up to the plate and was literally the only man on holiday get togethers with a room full of ladies!

He loved sugared grapefruit rinds.!! My grandmother would make his some every Christmas and give them to him in a tin can, all to himself because no one else liked them!

He loved to eat boiled okra! He would slurp those things down, as Anne and I would watch in disgust!!

He put grape jelly on his grilled cheese sandwiches.

He put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on his bowl of cereal.

He finished our big unfinished basement and made a bedroom for our princess Anne to live in with her own bathroom. He made him an office downstairs, with two desks so Mother could work down there with him as his secretary…

He was a deacon in church.

He sang in the church choir.

He would sit us on the second row , left front, at church, every time the church doors would open.

He drew the house plans for our house we grew up in, and also he drew the house plans for our family friends, Wilson and Dee Hamilton.

He would wear hand knitted vest that Mother made him for Christmas, and liked them!

He was a self taught photographer. He took all the family slides and we loved to have slide shows to watch them all.

I am not sure what she bought with them, but Mother saved her dimes all year long, in a little silver bank, to buy him a Christmas present. He always loved whatever it was, not because of what it was but because it was from her.

He cried when our baby brother was born. Mother loved to tell that story!

He loved us well. We were not rich, but we had everything we always needed. He was sure of that.

One of my favorite memories was our trip out west to Colorado. We had a little white ford, no air conditioning and it was summer. He bought some kind of air conditioner that you had to continue to fill it up with ice to get it to blow cool air out. LOL… sounds like the olden days for sure now that I am thinking about it. He would stop at the gas stations and fill the tank then put the bag of ice in the car!!

He made a table that connected to the trunk for us to picnic on. Mother made the tablecloth, and the three of us would eat out behind the car. Princess Anne, of course, would have her lunch in the car. No picnic for her. There might be bugs or flies out there and she would have none of that!!

He would take us to Atlanta to shop at Rich`s while he worked. We would pick out Villager wool fabric to bring home for Mother to make us skirts for Christmas.

We would ride to the Eastwood Mall Shoneys on special occasions to park outside and order their famous strawberry pie.

He let me have my bridesmaids spend the night before my wedding day.

He held my hand the whole way on our drive from our house to the church, on my wedding day. He, in the drivers seat, and me in the passenger seat. I can still see it now, he reached out to get my hand, no words said. Just a sweet, sweet time between my Daddy and me.

He cried at my wedding. But so did I. We made it down the aisle, and then life happened quickly.

He was sick weeks before my wedding. He had lost weight and wasn`t feeling good. But there was so much to do, he said he would go to the dr. afterwards. He did go, and they put him in the hospital for surgery. Cancer, they said. The details are not so clear in my mind now. I remember blood transfusions at the hospital. I remember going to see him on my way to work in the mornings. I remember him coming home and being in a hospital bed in his room. I remember the night I got the call. Tom was working that night and we only had one car, so I called his parents to come pick me up to take me home to see him.

But by the time I got there, there were other cars in the driveway. Our pastor, Charles Carter,  was there with Mother. As soon as she opened the door, she hugged me to tell me he was gone.

At 19, I felt so little. So young, so naive. My sweet Daddy, who I thought would live to grow old with us, was now gone to Heaven. All I knew at that moment was that I was his little girl and I wanted my him back.

Billy was only 8 years old. He didn`t have a lifetime to be with Daddy, only 8 short years. He needed his Daddy too.

Anne was living in Atlanta, so she came home the next day. The next days were hazy as I try to think back. The funeral home, the cemetery . I do remember Mr. Newberry singing, “How great thou art.” It was Daddy`s favorite song.

We all missed him. I remember us saying that God must have thought he was tired from taking care of so many women his whole life and He needed him more.

As the years have come and gone, memories get a little faded but the love he had for his family and the love he lived out in his life, the love he had for Christ, will never fade from my memories. I am thankful today, I think even more now than then, that God gave him to me and my family. We did indeed have the best, not near long enough, but for the years we had him, those were the best.


Happy Birthday Daddy. I love you!!!



Was it real?

29 Jun 2015 Family , , 3
A few days ago, I wrote about the simple life growing up. As I was closing my thoughts, I asked the question, “Was it real?”  “Was it really so?”  This perfect , simple childhood of mine in my mind. My heart was saddened for the loss of that innocence, especially for my grandchildren growing up now.
Well, just as He does sometimes, God laid a gift in my hands. I was in my spare bedroom`s closet, looking through old  papers and pictures for something particular. (Actually that is becoming a normal game for me these days , to look for something that I want but can`t find!!)
Anyway, I came across a little book that I am sure I had seen before because it was packed neatly in one of the boxes of things I had brought back from Mother`s house. Things I didn`t want to get rid of, but things I had not gone completely through, even yet, after almost 5 years.. It was titled, “A Christmas Collection of Inspirational Verses” by Helen Steiner Rice. I flipped it open to see who the book belonged to, and inside the cover was written, “to Jane, from Mrs. Chanceller, January 2, 1965 for 100% attendance during December. Now, that doesn`t really seem like a lot, during the month of December, but a reminder that my Daddy saw to it that we were at church every single time the doors were open. No conflicts for us. We didn`t plan anything that would conflict with our church time.. Thank you Daddy, for bringing us up with Church and God as our priority. Another memory of how life was simple way back then…..
I opened the pages and came to this one page titled, “Was it really so?”   I read the little passage that Helen Steiner Rice had written many years ago and like a light bulb moment,….. it rang in so true for today and always in this world of ours…..
“A star in the sky, an Angel`s voice telling the world, rejoice, rejoice..
But that was centuries and centuries ago, and we ask today, was it really so?
Was the Christ Child born in a manger bed without a pillow to rest His head?
Did He walk on earth and live and die and return to God to dwell on high?
We were not there to hear or see, but our hopes and dreams of Eternity
are centered around that holy story when God sent us His Son in Glory
And life on earth has not been the same, regardless of what the skeptics claim,
for no event ever left behind, a transformation of this kind.
So question and search and doubt , if you will, but the Story of Christmas is living still
And though man may conquer the earth and the sea,
He cannot conquer Eternity
and with all his triumph man is but a clod until he comes to rest with God.”
Loved her words, reminding us that no matter what people think they can change in this world, the truth of God lives and no one can touch our eternity with Him.  Yes He indeed is real. Good is real. Love is real.  People will let you down, but the truth of God, the hope we have in God, shines and will be soooo worth it when we see Him in Heaven for all of eternity.
Today, I am thankful for these memories. My dear friend is taking her Mother to live in an assisted home today. Her memory is going and she is no longer able to stay by herself. What a hard task it is for your children to be making these decisions for parents. But as with me, those precious memories she has had a life time of making with her sweet Mother, will get her through these next hard pages of life.
Memories are essential to our living… without them, we become dependant of others…. not remembering how to take care of ourselves.   Memories are what I cherish about my childhood.  Memories are what keeps my parents and my other loved ones who are no longer with us.. Alive to me.   . It is a good thing to slow down and go down memory lane sometimes, if we don`t use them, they become dimmer and dimmer.  As I get older, I know one day, they will become brighter and more real  as I  get close to and reach my final home…


From one middle child to another

Growing up a middle child, I didn`t really feel the middle child syndrome because our little brother was so much younger than us.  My middle son, I am sure, would tell you a different story!! He was 4 years younger than his brother and then, the princess was born 8 years later. So, he got a taste of what it was like!!

When I was three months pregnant with him, I had severe gall bladder issues. I was in the hospital for two weeks, terrified that they would do something to hurt the pregnancy. Finally it was decided to operate to remove my gall bladder, telling me it was not uncommon to do in my situation. I had the surgery and a pretty uneventful pregnancy after that. Then, June 14, 1981, Christopher Brent Lazenby was born. Surprise to us, he had a head full of red hair!!

He was an answer to prayer, all healthy and perfect!

His hair, is an indication that he was a very busy boy growing up!

We survived the teen years, then off to college.

Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Married now, he lives here in town so I get to visit and catch up when we have the chance… Always so proud of him, for the young man he has grown up to be…    My guys…..



Big brother, Tom, Dad and Brent.

Happy Birthday Brent!! I love you!!



Proverbs 31 Mother

 April, 27, 2012

I have just been reaquainted with a great little book that I received back in 1995 as a Christmas gift. It is called “Silver Boxes” the Gift of Encouragement by Florence Littauer. If you have not read it, I encourage you to go get you a copy. It will fill your heart and soul with ways to give silver boxes of encouragement to others..

One chapter “thought” was talking about how” Mothers do a decent job of raising their children without ever hearing a silver box of praise. The Proverbs 31 mother had children who rose up and called her blessed, and some of us wondered where she found those children.”! The author tells how her daughter had volunteered to write the opening and closing of her book. In her words, she talks about how thankful she was that her mother told her that she was special and encouraged her. She appreciated all the times her mother had listened to her broken dreams and incessant chatter and in closing, said how much she appreciated the prayers, for making her what she was today.  What special words for a Mother to hear….

As Mother Day`s is drawing close again, for the second time since our Mother went to Heaven, it makes me reflect, as I often do, about  her and what I told her. She knew how much we all loved her. We told her all the time, especially those last months, but had I ever told her why I loved her so much? Why hadn`t I thought of writing her a letter to let her know? Why did I miss that opportunity, that silver box that I could have given her?  I have no doubt that she knew what she meant to all of us, to me…. but if I had one more chance to tell her…… This is what I would say…

Dear Mother,
I have thought about you so much today and found a new meaning of your” mothering” to me. I am who I am because of who you were. I am because you taught me to be. I am, because you showed me how to be….  because you cared enough, you loved enough to teach me and to  show me  by example.  As I am a mother and now a grandmother, I get it all. I get it when you taught me to say yes ma`am and no ma`am. I get it when you taught me to be respectful of others, to love others, to go out of your way for others, to show God`s love to others. I get it when you would always take food to sick friends, always send cards to let people know you were thinking about them. I get it when you would not think of how tired you were and only take care of those who needed you.

As I cook a meal, I am reminded of how many meals we cooked together while I was growing up. When I make a cake, I am reminded how you made it fun to cook cakes and we took turns scrapping the wax paper of the cake that stuck on there to lick. I am reminded of the caramel cake we made that tore apart when we iced it, but you said that it would still taste good and your were right! Thank you for sharing your love of cooking with me, all of your recipes you passed to me…

As I sew something, I am reminded how you bought me my first Singer Sewing  machine when I was in high school and taught me how to cut out a pattern and make something on my own. I am reminded how you helped make all of my bridesmaids dresses when I married, how you helped me make all my honeymoon outfits to take with me ….. How you always made us new outfits for Christmas, how you stayed up late when we were little to make a wardrobe for our new dolls that we got for Christmas. I am reminded how you loved to sew with lace and all the lace pillows and pin cushions you would make to give away. Thank you for that special love of lace that you passed to me. I think of you when I see some pretty lace and wonder what I can make from it. As I pull out your old sewing basket, I am reminded of all the sewing projects we did together. Thank  you for teaching me how to use my hands, for showing me how to crochet and knit. Thank you for your love of crafts that you passed to me. How I would love to go to  those day after Christmas sales at Importers Warehouse, were we would stock up on craft items at 75% off. Those were the days, shopping then eating at Ollies next door.

As I sing to Heston, and remember singing to my children., I am reminded of how you sang to us and then to our children. Thank you for those good times around the piano when we would gather and sing. Music lessons you would make us go to, even those practices we hated, I thank you for. You gave us the love of music and the piano. “Lovely Moon” will always be remembered to all who heard you sing it to us!

You always showed such good taste, even when you didn`t have the money to buy the new, pretty things, you always provided with things you would make and they were so much more meaningful to us. We always felt like we were so well dressed and it was because of you, not buying for yourself, but doing for us.  God made you so special, I could never have asked for a better Mother.

I thank you most of all for providing a christian home for us to grow up in. You always had God`s love shining in you..You didn`t just talk the talk but you walked out what you taught us. You and Daddy were such  strong Christian role models for us, and I thank you for that… Thank you for getting us to church each time the doors were open. thank you for sending me to GA`s to learn the books of the Bible, for all the vacation bible schools you took us to…. I was blessed beyond words with so many of your Silver boxes that you daily handed out. Thank you for being my Mother….
I love you,

Yes, If I had the opportunity to write her a letter, just one more time, that is what I would have said…. I have to think she already knows it all, but if I could. only do it….

Thank you Lord, for my Mother, you gave me all those years ago..

Have a great day!!

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