Christmas night, 2011

All the time and effort that has been spent getting ready for today, is behind us. Special gifts thought about and gotten together to give to our loved ones, have now been opened. Gifts galore….gathering of family and friends, brunches, lunch, dinner, naps, stress of getting everywhere to see everyone…. it has all come to an end for the year 2011. Somewhere in the middle of all the busyness, is the true reason for the celebration of today… Jesus`s birthday!

The gifts from today will be played with and soon forgotten, but the greatest gift of all, Jesus, is eternal. Heaven seems a bit closer to me this year. My Mother passed away last December and when I think of her, I think about what she must be doing in Heaven. Right in the midst of Jesus! Celebrating His birthday With Him….. My heart still aches when I think of how much I miss her but my mind knows…… She must surely be so excited and happy to be where she is.

Especially today, on Christmas, I miss her. I miss her helping me plan the Christmas dinner. I miss calling her to say, “Merry Christmas” when I got up this morning, I miss her walking in the door for lunch, with food in her hands for us to enjoy. I miss her making the Charlotte, that she always made for dessert on Christmas. I miss her specially made gifts that she always would make for us. I miss her smile, her warmth, her love and just her presence… She was a special friend and I think that I will always miss her. I am sure it will get easier, but I will always miss her.

So thankful today, for my family, for all of my blessings and most of all, so thankful for the birth of Jesus. So as this day draws to a close, I am reminded of the important things in life. Happy Birthday, Jesus!!

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