A Mother`s letter to her daughter

I have just found this letter, written 38 years ago, by my sweet Mother…. What great advise that she shared with me…

Dear Jane and Tommy,

You are starting on a long journey that will last throughout time and eternity if you are true

to one another. Marriage is one of the most important events in your life, therefore it behooves

you to be very wise and prayerful each day, asking God for wisdom to direct you in your

thoughts and actions, that whatever faults you see in each other, you will cover over with loving

forbearance, remembering you must always make a “lovable place to live and a livable place to

love, too”

There is nothing in all the world that will bring you such true happiness as a marriage to a good

man and a loving wife. Never let a third party come between you, nor make a confident of

anyone but each other. Try always to pull together as one, no matter what comes, adversity or

prosperity. Save a little as you go along and never forget God`s tithe.

If you disagree as most young couples do sometimes, close your door and then, within the

four walls, talk things over between yourselves, listen, think, reason and go more than half way

to be considerate and helpful to each other. Never go to sleep at night with hard words

between you. You will surely have an over-lapping of loving kindness to draw from when the going

is hard. The spirit of love cannot live long in a house of contention and strife.

Remember each other on those very special days, Christmas, Birthdays, anniversaries, even though

it be just a flower or some loving thought. this is one of the little things on which to build a strong

foundation for happiness and mutual love.

The greatest gift you have is the creative power God has given you. See that you keep it sacred.

To be father and mother of beautiful beings who come from the presence of your Heavenly Father

, makes you co-creator with God. What an honor, what a privilege to rear living monuments to

your name.

The making of a house into a home is the greatest undertaking in marriage, and creating a happy

one, the greatest achievement. The sacredness of home and family relationships are as eternal as

life itself

When I think of the joy I`ve had these years with a loving and faithful husband, our lovely children

and a happy home, I know I`ve touched the rim of Paradise.

Retain the romance of life and carry it through to the end.

Feed and cherish love as a precious possession, it grows by loving.

Live close to God and remember, where there is faith, there is love

Where there is Love, there is Peace

where there is peace there is God

where there is God, there is no want.

I Love you both so very much,


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