Angels and Friends

April, 2012

I have been working on some paintings using old sheet music for various parts… wings for angels or dresses made out of the music. It is near to my heart as I use these old pages, because they belonged to my Mother. I love to do things that remind me of her. I especially  like to use things of hers to bring new life into things Sharing her things, make me feel like I am sharing her, and it makes me feel closer to her in a funny way. The best benefit of using her things or sharing them with others is that it makes me feel happy, gives me joy, to know that she is being thought of and that others can enjoy a part of her.

So, with that being said…. I finished one of my little projects at my adult art class last week. This is a class that has been together for probably 10 years or so.. We have the best teacher/friend ever, Jo Anne. We used to have  to get up early on registration day, stand in long lines of art class hopefuls, and then sign up for her class. She only has two adult classes and they fill up quickly. After a few years of this, can`t remember if it was her idea, or ours, but the rules were bent and she let us just continue that afternoon class without the lines. We felt like we had arrived when that happened!! It is so much more than an art class. Lots of special friendships have been born, old friendships grown closer, prayers offered up when needed. Talks of our aging parents are a common weekly discussion. Lots of love, hugs and encouragement is shared in the four walls of our art room. Yes, we say art class, but it is our fuel that gets us through the week. The art is just a bonus of our time together.

But, back to my original thought…. Jo Anne encouraged me last week, with the thoughts of more pictures with the music used. I came home, energized and pulled out new pieces of canvas, paints, old pictures that needed a touch up, and lots of other art “stuff”. At one point I even thanked my husband for not saying anything about the mess I was making in the den!! But he had his tax papers spread out all over his side, so we both were in a bit of a clutter. With the Decorator Show House coming soon to Birmingham, I wasn`t really ready to get my thoughts together about what I would take. They have a Symphony room where vendors take their own items to sell….  I hadn`t really been inspired to get new things going until now……

That is when it happened… angels and more angels!! That would be my theme for this year to concentrate on for the Show.  I love angels, even more special are the meaning of angels to me now, with Mother in Heaven. Angels were born in my den last week, on paper and canvas. As soon as I had finished painting them, I headed to the scanner to get them ready for new note cards. It was a fun working few days. This afternoon, as I sit down to write this entry, after all those hectic days of getting them all ready, they have all been marked and carried over to the Decorator Show House. All arranged in their very own  spot on my pink dotted display. I am thankful for so many things as I am thinking back over last week when I started these new pictures.

Thankful for my sweet “art class” and Jo Anne, who teaches and encourages with the best of them! God has sooo blessed us all when He gave her to us on each Thursday afternoon.

Thankful for the opportunity to paint and share His word through the paintings and my note cards with scripture.

Thankful for my sweet Mother, who instilled in me the love of creating, of using my hands, and how to love the Lord and live for Him

Thankful for my husband who never complains about all my clutter when I am creating or getting ready for an event

Thankful for all my family and friends who endulge me with the gifts that I give them, that I have made, and act excited!!

Here are some samples of new cards.They are blank, folded 4.25×5.5 size and come packaged with 10 to a pack. Mixed packages available.   Each one reflects a painting that I have done …

Love this verse….
Ps. 91:11 “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways”

 If you live in the Birmingham area, take an afternoon off and go visit the Decorator Show House in Vestavia. It will be a fun afternoon. My sister, Anne and I would always go with Mother to take a tour. She always wanted to go and see my things there too. She was indeed my biggest cheerleader and I miss her for that and so many other reasons… But it was a great time…great memories for us. It is very close to Mother`s Day, so I encourage you to take your Mother or Grandmother, or Mother in law,  if she is in town, make a memory with her. I guarantee that it will be a memory  to cherish when you look back!
Have a great day!!!


  1. Where can I buy your prints or drawings

    1. Margaret, if you could email me and let me know if there is particular one you are talking about, I can let you know. I am trying to load more paintings here at the shop as I get more done. Thank you for your interest.

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