Baby Johnson is on her way

April, 2012

I have been excited to be included in helping with a baby shower for Lisa. Many ideas have been found through pinterest! I have shared a few things that I was working on but now, we have the real things… the pictures from the shower. It was a fun night for all and the baby girl gifts that they got were so cute!! This will be one very loved little princess when she gets here!!

Here is the diaper wreath for the front door and to use later at the hospital. Since the theme of the shower was “Woodsie”, we added a butterfly and some green flowers along with the usual pink girly things!

These were the little felt booties I had shared earlier but now, they are all finished, complete with candy inside and clothes pinned to twine hanging on the fireplace. You can`t see, but Rebecca stamped the clothespins with different words in brown. The guests each left with one of these…

I had just bought a cake pop maker from Khols that I tried out for these pops. They were easy to make but one thing I would do different next time…. after I dipped them, I layed them down on wax paper. So when they were dried and I picked them up to wrap, of course, they had a flat side. I will figure out how to stand them up and let them dry next time! This white chocolate trash made from popcorn but Rebecca was great. Popcorn, pastel M&M`s, marshmellows and chex cereal, mixed with melted white chocolate… Yummy!!

The napkins, we bought two different colors, pink and yellow, layered them then place a doily on top, wrapped the plastic silver inside and tied them with some Dollar Store yellow cording. Several handmade burp clothes were spread around.

The beautiful Mommie, Lisa, opening the tutu gift that every little princess needs!

Diaper cake was used for decoration on the food table. The good news about this shower, it was the day before Easter, so we were able to use Easter decorations as well!

The cake was made by Lisa`s sister, Alison, and it was filled with owls, pink leaves and bordered with grass. It was too pretty to cut and filled with chocolate cake.

The house looked beautiful. It was a great time by all. Now, we just have to wait until this little
one decides to make her grand entrance!
Have a great week!

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