March, 2012

Yesterday was a beautiful day with several lessons to be learned for me. I was excited to be having Heston over for the afternoon while his Mom and Dad went to the movies. I had planned several things in my mind to do with him while he was here and after his nap.

The nap thing didn`t work out so good. He is now in a big boy bed and can get up and down when he wants to. He yelled down several times… “Is it time to get up yet?”  After I said ‘Just 3 more minutes” several times in answer to his question….. He says back to me…”IT has been 4 minutes and you didn`t even know!”  so… then he has to potty, a while later he says he needs to poop…. then at that point, I am thinking I need to go check things out, so nap time is officially over.!!

We come downstairs and I tell him that we can make some cookies and he can help stir. I tell him the story about a special bowl we can use. It is one that Gaga got to have at her house for her grandchildren when they would come over. It said, “Grandma`s  little helper” She saved it for special occassions to use with the little ones and I was looking forward to having it for Heston to use when he came over…

As I opend the door to my cabinet and pulled my stack of bowls out, it was kind of at the bottom cause it was so big. But as I pulled the smaller ones off to get to it, my heart sank… I could see that it was broken, not just cracked but broken into several large pieces, too broken to glue. If I had been by myself, I probably would have sat down and just cried. But I said ‘Oh no, Heston, it is broken…” He says, “Maybe we can tape it back together”!, as only a little three year old could say so sweetly and really mean it. I  told him that it was too broken to fix.  I gently put the pieces together and set them aside to put up somewhere for later. Maybe a mosaic? maybe just to gather dust in the garage but they are put aside as we get another bowl out and make our cookies.

Broken? My first thought is sadness that another piece of Mother is broken, never to be enjoyed again… but then again, I am drawn back to reality. The reality that I have had to learn these last 15 months… that it is just stuff, material stuff. Memories? Yes, but the memories are not based on that bowl or any of her stuff that I have brought over here. The memories are in my heart that go with me wherever I go. They are the forever gifts. They can not be destroyed or broken and for that I am most thankful today.

We play some more. He and Papa hid easter eggs in the den and take turns counting to 10 to find them. They go outside to play with a new sling shot he got for an early Easter surprise and then Tom and Rebeca get back from the movies and come in to visit.

As the afternoon comes to an end and Heston has to leave, I am getting ready for a special night with Anne. We get to go see Sandi Patty here in Birmingham. We love to listen to her sing. Mother loved her too. As we are walking to the entrance, we both comment that we so wish Mother was there going with us. Last time we saw Sandi Patty, the three of us went together. It was a great show. As they were singing, “I just saw Jesus”, it took on a new meaning for me. I could almost see Mother there, singing those words with her, cause she has seen Him, and is there with Him. Tears are close as Sandi belts out ‘How Great thou art”… a song we all love and was sung at both of our parents funeral… but listening to her sing it there, I was just in awe, thinking, this must surely be what Heaven is like!

Those “almost” tears turned to joy in an instant. The brokeness turned to joy, in a instant, when we think of where she is, in His presence! It was a great day indeed. Old memories, new memories…. what a special spring day!

Have a great day,


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