Our little redhead turns 4

Four years ago, today, our oldest son and his wife, Tom and Rebecca, became parents, and we became grandparents!! It is the grandest thing , when you enter into this stage in your life, to see your baby holding his brand new baby.

It has been an action packed 4 years…. For the first three years of Heston`s life, I had the privilege to keep him each Monday. Those were days that I looked forward to, either at his house or as he got older, he would spend the night at our house and be here for Mondays. Lots of Mondays, we would meet Mother and Papa for lunch so they would be able to see him and spend some time with him…

Life happened. He grew bigger and as he did, he stole a big chunck of my heart!
He turned one and was beginning to get into everything!!
After His  cake bashing party, he was all dressed up for his photo shoot. He loved to smile from the time he was just a little baby..

When he turned two, there was a big party at the local park. He played so hard, his red hair was all sweaty and the curls came out in full sight!

Two months later in July, 2010, Mother discovered she had pancreatic cancer. We only had her for 5 more months to love on her. Then…… Papa died that same fall of 2010.
 It was a hard year for all of us….
 The following Feb. 2011, Brent and Lacy got married.  Heston was the ring bearer…
Then the big 3rd birthday came around in May…
He was really into superman and the super heroes. I made him a cape and mask and for his goodie bags, we made t-shirts for the kids with the lightning bolt on it..
We all went on a Christmas cruise in December and Heston had a big time!!
He and Papa had some pool time in the afternoons!
We had some fun outings, this one to Little River Canyon, where we went to play on their property that Tom and Rebecca have purchased.
Then this year… he all of a sudden grew up right before our eyes and turned 4!! What a fun 4 years we have had, watching him grow…What a big boy he is now…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE MAN!!! You are loved!!!

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