The Great Physician

 March, 2012

Recently, I have been humbled and privileged  to  follow some precious people on their faith journeys, as God leads them.  Some of them are people that I have known, others are new friends. I hope that I  have the opportunity to meet these new friends one day, but until then, we may just remain internet friends!. But for whatever reason that God has brought them into my life,  I am most thankful.  Their faith, their strength, their trust in the Great Physician to guide them, is an inspiration to me each time I read their blogs.

A new friend, Edie, is on this journey with her daughter as she waits for her bone marrow transplant to work. It has been a long road. Since Elyssa was 18 months old and got a heart transplant, they have watched God work in their lives. She struggles each day now, as chemo has made her body weak. Sores are all in her mouth and going down her throat, she is bleeding from inside…. nauseated… but in the midst of all the pain and suffering, Elyssa is shining for Him, through her beautiful smile, through her sense of humor…..

Another young girl, Amy, is at Duke, with her mother, waiting for a lung transplant. She is from Birmingham and I found her through caringbridge. Her mother was blogging for her while I was blogging for Mother..She has been in and out of hospitals while I have followed her story, for the last few years.  .Her Birmingham doctor referred her to Duke Medical Center for evaluation for retranslant.  Amy and her Mother  arrived in Durham, NC on February 4th, and Amy’s journey at Duke began on February 6, 2012. She has just today, been put on the lung transplant list.

My sweet friend, Starr, has watched as her daugher in law, Megan, was discovered to have cervical cancer, while just getting used to the news that she was pregnant. She traveled to MD Anderson after much searching and praying, to find a dr. who would operate. During the surgery, they tumor was removed and no signs of cancer left. Praise God!! The baby was 18 weeks at the time of surgery, now… 5 1/2 weeks later,  Megan and baby are doing good. They have since learned that it is a boy!. He is truly a miracle in the making….

What do these three young ladies have in common? Their faith in God. He shines through them all , each step of the way on their journeys… What are we created for? To glorify Him….. they are all doing that with each breath that they take….

I would like to share their stories with you in hopes that you will lift them up in prayer as they continue to walk their faith journeys…

“I am He who will sustain you, I have made you and I will carry you.” Isaiah 46:4

Have a great day!

UPDATE from this original post.
Edie`s Daughter, Elyssa, lost her battle and has been in Heaven a few years
Amy, lost her battle and also has been in Heaven a few years
Meghan, thankfully, is free from cancer. Her journey continues with her precious Houston, who is now almost 4 years old.

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