Afternoon with Grammie

September 2011

Yesterday I picked up my little grandson, Heston, from his daycare, early afternoon, to spend the afternoon with. He was staying with us through dinner and bedtime. It has become our custom, all two times, to stop by the bakery in Homewood and get a treat after I pick him up. Last time we got him a special cookie, this time he spotted Superman cupcakes! So, that was his choice, since he is really into super heroes right now.

This particular bakery, has been in business for probably 70-80 years. My mother told us stories about how she always requested her birthday cake to come from Savages. She loved the lemon cake with strawberry filling that her Mother would order for her. We used to take my grandmother, Loisie, there with us for lunch. After Loisie died, Mother and I still would meet there for lunch and conversation. After Heston was born, and I would babysit him, the three of us would meet for lunch. Mother loved to go there and get the tomato aspic. I wasn`t too crazy about that, but she loved it. Last fall after she learned she had pancreatic cancer, her appetite was about gone. Nothing tasted good to her, but in the midst of all the sickness, even on our way home from chemo, she would mention that either the baked custard or tomato aspic would taste pretty good. Once we went there and got some to take home, she would only eat small bites of either one, but at least it sounded good to talk about it…

As soon as Heston and I walked in there yesterday, I spotted two ladies, one a bit older than me and her Mother… Just took me back and I wished Mother was there with us!!But, now, I move on to new traditions, with sweet memories of Mother and Loisie when we go there. New traditions with Heston and Grammie are being made. He loved the cupcake!! It was a fun afternoon! After we finished, he immediately wanted to come back to my house to play a new game we have created, “hand Pool”. It is just as it sounds, without the pool sticks, just our hands!He thinks he is the champ and we give high fives each time a ball goes in. I think I may be remembered best from him when he is older, as his “hand pool” partner! Oh, the joys of being a grandmother!!

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