Day trip to Little River Canyon

october, 2011

My son and wife have bought some property near Little River Falls, 5 acres to play on last year. Yesterday they called me early, with my husband out of town, to see if I wanted to ride with them up there to see it for a last minute day trip. Well, I had to think just a minute cause after all, I am still getting over knee surgery. I didn`t want to slow them down on their adventure, so I said I would call him right back. I jumped in the shower and started to get ready after a few minutes of thinking what a nice day it would be, and called to say that I would be there in a few minutes. After all, I don`t get the chance to spend the whole day with them AND my grandson, Heston, that often. They are both busy working and then weekends come and go with busy things to do, so this was the perfect time to just drop everything at home and head out.

We went to their property first, hiked a bit around, then I let them hike down the property to the waterfall with a small cave. Heston loves to go there and tell Indian stories with them. It is a bit hard to get down there, sitting and just moving slowly down the mountain side, but when you get there, it is so well worth the time it took you to get there. The sights you see looking into the valley are just spectacular. The cave is pretty neat too, imagining all the activities that must have taken place there at one time long ago.

We hiked down, just a bit, to the Little River Falls, a short drive from their property, to have a picnic lunch. The water was low but still so pretty . Lots of people were out enjoying the views on that beautiful Sunday afternoon. We then headed to Mentone, another short drive, to walk around the little town. It is a small town, with lots of little shops and even an ice cream shop that Heston enjoyed. The Inn there in town was built in 1884 and still open. By the time we had done that walking, it was time to head home. We had about an 1 1/2 hour drive and Heston fell asleep about the time he hit the car sit.

It was a great day. I am so blessed to have my children close to us so we can enjoy these special days together. When I say close, I mean within driving distance. My daughter is settled in at Knoxville, with just a four hour drive separating us. That is much better than the 11 hours between Waco, Texas and Birmingham!! Our middle son and wife are here in Birmingham and we get to see them often. Life is good!!

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