Good friends

2 Jan 2012 Family

August, 2011

Last weekend, we went to Atlanta to stay with some good, good friends, Bill and Vicki. They were such good hosts, we felt like we were in a Bed and Breakfast Inn! Had a great dinner out, home for dessert then talked late into the night. When we got up the next morning, Vicki had put on quite the spread for breakfast! It all looked so pretty and tasted great. As to not hurt her feelings, Tom and I cleaned our plates.

I had taken Vicki a special little gift that I had saved her from Mother`s things when we were going through them. I love to find new homes for her special things where I know they will be used. So, as Vicki opened her present, and saw the cream and sugar and yellow plate to match, she was so excited. Instead of putting it away to use later, she brought them out to use for breakfast. She even used the yellow plate to serve her toasted biscuits. Mother would have loved the fact that her pretty things are now a part of Vicki`s beautiful house.
What a great weekend!!

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