My sweet Mother

October, 2012

Life has turned to a new normal in our lives. Mother is gone, we have wonderful memories, but life as we knew it with her in our lives, is gone.
Life goes on, as it always does and as God created it to do. Most days, are spent with business, that starts when we get up and end when our heads hit the pillow. Our family is full… we get together often . Life is good… but some days, I just have to have a moment to myself, to cry out for the loss… You are never prepared for it, it just happens. I always just thought she would be here with us. The head of the family, always there to go to, especially when we needed her… God knew the number of days she would have, this was no surprise to Him. She lived a long life, 82 years… I am so thankful for that….
Today is one of those days that I am just missing her. I miss being able to pick up the phone and call her. To tell her something that happened, to ask what she is up to for the day, to just talk… Mother/daughter kind of talk….
I have her all over my house and in each room are her books. I knew she loved to read… I knew she had all of these devotion books but I never realized the depth that she read, that she studied, that she prepared for her devotions she would give, the many memories that she would be leaving to me… never realized it… until now.
When I open one of those books, and see her underlined phrases, or her own hand writing notes, it is just like a glimpse into her soul…. a reminder of who she was… I find a devotion she had tucked into one of those books today… it is marked in her own writing… Valentine lesson… 1998
Each life affects another`s. We may not always realize that everything we do affects not only our lives but touches others, too. A single happy smile can always brighten up the day for anyone who happens by, and a little bit of thoughtfulness that shows someone you care creates a ray of sunshine for both of you to share… Yes, every time you offer someone a helping hand, everytime you show a friend you care and understand, every time you have a kind and gentle word to give… you help someone find beauty in this precious life we live.. for happiness brings happiness… and loving ways bring love and giving is the treasure that contentment is made of.
This is so her… Every word here, is what she was made of… In reading it at first, I am saddened by my loss, human loss, but after reading it again and writing it down, it just brings a smile to my face.. how good God is. He knew when she stuck this in that particular book, that it would be found after she was gone, and would bring sweet memories rushing back of her and her life. So, I am thankful today, through tears, that I can say, thank you Lord, for Mother, for her life, and most of all for her faith that she shared so freely with others. What a picture in my mind of her in the Heavenly choir singing His praises…
Yes, Mother, your life affected so many… and I love you and I thank you, for who you were to me..
Have a great week! Love,

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