Afternoon with Heston and the alarm

March 2012

This afternoon, I went to stay with Heston while his Mommie was at an appointment. It was the first time I had been over to his house since he is in his new room, in his big boy bed. He usually says, very loudly, “I ready to get up” after he wakes up. Today was a bit different…. A soft little voice, says…..”can I get up so we can go see Grammie?”!! so I walked over to the sound and looked upstairs to see him.. His response, “Grammie, what are you doing here?!”!!

We looked around his new room, as he showed me some favorite things to play with. Then we headed outside to get in the car for a ride. I locked up the house, after I turned the alarm on and got all the way out to the car, buckled Heston in, then realized that I had left something inside. I ran back in, turned the alarm off, or thought I had, then as I looked around, I heard the alarm sounding, LOUD!!! I tried to go turn it off, but nothing happened. The phone rings, and I hear the alarm service talking to me, asking the code and password. I have the code, but not the password, He says he can`t stay on the line while I find out, I have to call him back. All the time, the alarm is sounding…. I text Rebecca to find out, then call them back. The lady gets the information down and says she will try to stop the police from coming…. THE POLICE?!!!! WHAT THE HECK?!!   soon, she gets back on the phone and says they had not dispatched them yet, so she cancelled them. Thank goodness….. Tommy is calling me to find out what is going on because they alarm service called him too. Finally, I get it worked out and get in the car…. Heston and I are ready to get started. We decide it is time for a tea party and he wants to go to a bakery for a cupcake… So, you do not get any argument from me!

We go to Edgars and he picks out a monkey face cupcake, chocolate, and I get me very own chocolate on chocolate one. He ends up with some blue sprinkles, which make in and around his mouth. He loves to open his mouth to let me see the beautiful colors in there. I guess this is a boy thing!

After the tea party, it is time to go meet Rebecca. It was a fun afternoon with my favorite little red head!

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