Christmas tea Party 2012

Since mother passed away two years ago, I felt like I had lost touch with her friends. I had a connection through her. I knew many of her friends and many more, I just knew the names. She would always tell us stories of her friends and their families and what was going on. With her gone, I lost my line of communication. I wanted to plan a special party for her friends, so we could all get together and celebrate Christmas, celebrate the season and celebrate our friend, our Mother, our grandmother, who is celebrating in Heaven today. I love that picture in my mind when I think of how they must be celebrating, anticipating the big day of Jesus birthday! Today was the day. I sent out invitations, got the rsvp`s and had the food ready for our little party. It was a great time of hugs, smiles, memories and just good fellowship with a special group of ladies. As we were winding down our time together, we went around the room, telling a special memory we had with Mother. Some of these ladies go back to when Mother was pregnant with Bill in 1966, others when he was in 2nd grade Sunday school, still others met her after she and Papa married. The room was full of stories, trips relived, memories shared by people who were very special to her. My friends told stories of growing up and spending a lot of time at my house with Mother and Daddy… Yes, Gaga had many friends, but today, this little roomful of ladies, had the privilege to be together in her honor, in her memory…. and I was blessed to be there with them!


Before it was time to go, I passed out a little package for each lady. I had a box of little angels that Mother had made. I found them months ago, and had saved them while deciding what to do . Well today, presented the perfect opportunity to find homes for them. I gave each lady a Gaga angel to take home with them…. I think she would have loved that…. I am very thankful today, for these special friends that God brought into her life, for my sweet daughter in laws, who she loved like they were hers and came to help celebrate with us. Merry Christmas to all!!!! Love,

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