Christmas Music Box

Dec. 2011

When I was going through Mother`s things, trying to pack up her things, finding new homes for as much as I could, I came across her Christmas music box that she had made. She took ceramics for years and gave us all many beautiful things she made over the years. This particular piece was one of my favorites. It took her weeks to finish it and when she did finish, she was so proud of it. She had taken so much time with the details of the little faces and it was so pretty. The children looked like little hummel people, all holding hands around the lone Christmas tree. The top spins around very slowly as it plays a sweet song. I was excited when I found it, packed it up and put it away for this Christmas.
A few days ago, I came across it while looking for something else. I pulled it out, still remembering when she first showed it to me and how she always
loved pulling it out at her house. Now, it is on my coffee table in the den, resting with the tree in the background, for me to look at all the time. It will always be special to me, always will bring memories of her back to me when I look at it. I will always make me feel a bit closer to her, with this music box in my house.
Merry Christmas Mother. What a picture to think about you celebrating Christmas with Jesus this year!

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