Happy Birthday, Jesus

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

This is a funny story that was breought to my mind as I was cleaning out my closet the other day. Way up high on the top shelf, I pulled down a big box. In that box, was a small version of the old record players years ago that played by themselves. They had those big huge records, with the little dots on them that played as it turned around. My great aunt had one. I loved to listen to it at Christmas time when we would go to her apartment. She was never married,had no children to leave her precious things with, just had an extended family that helped take care of her. After she died, her record player ended up at our house with a few other things. It stayed wrapped up in the basement for a few years. Then one day, out of the blue, Mother gets a phone call from one of the other cousins asking if they might be able to have that record player.

Well………..at the time, I was married and away from home. Not there for her to consult with about this situation, so she made the decision to say “Yes, they could have it”. When I found out, it was way after the fact and it was already gone. It was not a huge thing in the greater scheme of life, but still, I teased her about giving it away cause I loved it so. I would have loved to have had it. She didn`t think about that, and truthfully, I was a young married bride and probably had no room for it. But still, I liked to tease her from time to time about giving away my record player.

One Christmas morning after Mother and Papa got to our house with gifts to share, she was beaming when she handed me my gift from them. As I opened it, I could see why. She had found a small version of the record player and it played just like the big one did. The sound is exactly the same. She was so proud of herself for pulling that off and told me that I didn`t have to wish for that old one any more! Sweet Mother!! That was such a special and thoughtful gift and still means a lot to me. Not only is it beautiful and plays beautiful, but it represents all the goodness that God gave my Mother. Thoughtful, thinking of others… always.

Now as I listen to that music from the record player at this Christmas season, it brings a warmth to my heart. It reminds me of that Christmas many years ago and how she gave me this gift of love. Sound familiar? As we celebrate Christmas, it is a reminder of that special Christmas day many, many years ago, when God gave us that special gift of love, His son Jesus.

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

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