Memories, Oct. 2011

As I am going through some boxes in my garage looking for something the other day, I come across a box that I have brought home from Mother`s house. We have been through most of her things now and I have many boxes filled with her things in my garage and up in the bedroom closet. I know one day I will go through them again but for now, they are just piled up, waiting. Then I come to this particular box, unwrap some tissue paper and come across this old Christmas angel that Mother has had for years, probably since we were little girls. I unwrap her carefully as to not mess her up, and there she is…. just like I remember. She is musical and as I pull her close and twist her around I hear, “Silent night, Holy night, all is calm, all is bright…..” It is at that moment, that I almost lose it.. Mother has been gone since Dec. 13, almost 9 months, and at certain times, it seems like yesterday. At other times, it seems like years since I have seen her. I always loved this angel, but now, as I have brought it home with me and it is mine, I love her so much more. She is filled with memories of Mother all around, from the gently stained little tulle skirt, the delicate little gold cording to the beautiful music that she plays… it all is a memory of my sweet Mother and in looking at it, in being in the room with this special Christmas angel, it just makes me feel a bit closer to her.

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