1 Jan 2013 Thankful

We had gone to our old church in Atlanta, Johnson Ferry Baptist, a few years back and heard  a great message from our pastor, Bryant Wright… I found this entry I had written back then in an old blog and thought it was worth reposting. God is so good to send reminders to us ….


I was touched, as I was sitting there, by what I witnessed. The message was, “Transformed by the power of God”. Truly He spoke to me as we were preparing for the sermon, singing the song… “We lift the cross, lift it high, lift it high.” As I was singing I glanced in front of me, there was a young girl, she could barely move, her muscles were so crippled. She was all strapped into her motorized wheelchair with her Mother and Father sitting close beside her. She was on the front row, so she could see good and not miss any of the service. As the words were being lifted up, many had their hands lifted toward God. My eyes started to water, as I saw her crippled arms, wrists twisted toward her, but her arms. . . lifting up as high as she was physically able to do. She was singing and praising God, sitting by herself, from her chair, in the only way she was able to…. and her praises were going straight up to our Father, just as the others were. For that instant, we were all the same. She was singing His praises and lifting her voice to Him ,unaudibe to us but completely understandable to Him. He surely must have been gripping her heart with His love. She was transformed by the power of God, as only He can do. Physically, she was different, but in her heart, she was already transformed and will be whole with Him one day, just as we will be if we have Him in our hearts. As I am home, reflecing on my weekend and my day, I am reminded of another song we sang. I wrote it down because I had not heard it before…. “Amazed at who You are and who I am through You.” I am sure this could be her life song, because I am amazed at who she is through Him. Have a great week, Love,

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