A Day at the market with the girls

Early this morning, Lindsey, Lacy and I headed out toward Atlanta for the Apparel Market. Lindsey had never been to the market before, so we were all excited about this road trip today..

I made some calling cards for my new employee, Lindsey, to have as we checked in at the market registration table…


We gathered drinks and I made us some blueberry muffins to snack on in the car for breakfast. Had to have a bit of sugar for the day of serious looking and shopping ahead!

After our short drive, and one movie later (Mama Mia)…. we found our same parking garage with a front row place for the car. It was a bargain today, only $5 ! Last time we went to Atlanta during the big show, it was $30 in some lots!! RIP OFF!!! But today, we just pulled right in, and gathered our bags, put on our “Bling” lanyards, and were ready to cross the street into Building 3!!

It is always such fun to do something with someone who has never done it before. Lindsey said she didn`t really know what to expect and we all stayed close together during the first store. Then, by the second store,she was a pro and heading out by herself to take a look around. She found several things right away, but looked around first, then went back to get those first finds!! Smart shopper… She even said at one point after she tried on something that it was” just OK, not anything special”. Yes, it was our quest to not find just the “OK” things but the things that we couldn`t live without! Seems there was a lot of stuff that feel into that catagory!!

There was so much jewelry in the first few stores, that we felt like we were jewelryed out!!


Today, was actually the last day of the prom market. We went up to those floors just to take a look around. There were fashion shows going on in the individual show rooms. We stood outside looking in on this one show, where there was only one buyer sitting in the audience. Interesting to see how the big stores and buyers operate!

Not a great picture cause they were moving so quickly but we saw some beautiful dresses!! Lindsey said it would be hard to get a prom dress so early because by May, you may change your mind as to what you like!! True!!

We found a bridal showroom that was closed but had gorgeous gowns in there. It was fun to take a peek inside the windows!

By now, we had worked up an appetite. We stopped to rest and eat some more delicious, healthy snacks and a drink..!! NOT!! But hey, what is a girl`s shopping trip for, if not for splurging on a few good things to eat?!!

.Our bags were full and it was almost closing time, so we headed back to our car and straight for the Varsity!! These sweet girls endulged me because they know how much I love the Varsity! They have THE best shaved ice and if you know me, you know that my ice is very important to me for some reason…. and besides that… we found out that Lindsey had NEVER EVER been to the Varsity. Oh my, how could that be, one might ask? so, we wanted her to experience the greatness of going to this tradition in Atlanta… She got chicken fingers, which I didn`t even know they had, and some of those good, greasy french fries and an apple fried pie! She got the hang of it real quick!

Me, I got my usual chili dog and fried peach pie. Tonight, as I am writing this, I am wondering if that grease was such a good idea or not?!!! We have been trying so hard to eat healthy this summer and this may have blown all of that away! But,… the diet coke was most enjoyable, with the shaved ice!!

We left town, in a down pour. Not much fun to drive in all of that but the good news is that after about 30 minutes , it all of a sudden cleared up and the sun came out.. I had turned the movie on for Lindsey,”UP” and it lasted about 30 minutes then I glanced in the rearview mirror to see her taking a little nap. Looked over at Lacy and she too, was taking a nap!

We made it back to Birmingham and got all of our things separated, and we all went our own way!

It was a nice day for us Lazenby/McMahon girls!!

Have a great night,

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