1 Jun 2015 Lifebook 2015

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This week in our lifebook2015 lesson, we did 15 minute backgrounds….
I loved watching the lesson but then when it was time to do mine, I didn`t quite do it in 15 minutes… LOL…. I didn`t even time it, but it took way longer!!

I did the backgrounds on the first day, then let them dry overnight… the next day when I picked them up again, that was the challenging part to figure out what to put on them. Then…. the doodling started and went on and on..

It was a fun lesson, and I am finished. As always, if I did it again, I would know better what to do, but at least I go through it!!

1a 3

More doddling!!

Please to be linked with Alexandra at Sunday Sketches…

Have a great new week!!

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