Collage Girl

1 Jun 2015 Canvas art

I started sketching in my journal….. and this little girl started to come alive


added some paper collage around her..


then gesso and a bit of color for the background with watercolor crayons..

11aa (1)

Then I discovered a new item that I have not used before. In one of the lifebook lessons, the instructor used ink from an applicator with a needle nose top. I had to look several places to find it, but I bought a pack with three top applicators in it. It fits perfectly on the top of the small ink bottles then…… it comes out ever so thin and I loved it!! it is like my favorite fine tip sharpie pen but liquid!! These are the bottles with the tips but there are others I am sure.


I went a little crazy with this one, and did a different look not painting her face but left it white and used the paynes blue color for the cheeks… and eyes…

Also brings me joy to discover a new art product!

Linked with Sunday Sketches this weekend.
Happy Memorial Day weekend to you.

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