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1 Jun 2015 Lifebook 2015


This week in Birmingham we are having the Decorator Show Home. The Alabama
Symphony picks a home each year, and the decorators get a room to do to their liking. It is quite the event, open for two weeks with many people coming to take a look. They have a room somewhere in the home where they have their own symphony room. They
have local vendors that bring things to supply the room. I usually take my notecards and some paintings to have.

This year I concentrated more on my paintings that are piling up in my art room!!
Here are some new ones as well as some older ones that I dragged out and redid. I find that I do alot of those these days. Funny what you used to like and when you take a look a few months down the road, you see things that you don`t like so much. Make overs are a common thing in my art room.!!

This little girl was inspired by Mindy Lacefield`s online class, which was inspired by the big eye girl movie. I love her look. She is a small canvas 8×10


This whimsical girl, I did last year and redid her face a bit. She is on a large canvas 11×14


This angel has had numerous make overs!! She almost looks a bit scary, but she is just in deep thought!! mixed media background, on this 8×10 canvas


This is a larger canvas, also, with a few facelifts, but she is finished up with some sparkles!


This was a custom order for a print … So here is the original with glasses for a little grand daughter who wears them..


These two whimsical girls just had some words added to thing to bring inspiration to someone…


This is a brand new girl, done with my lifebook2015 lessons in my style. Actually, I am beginning to see that I do indeed have a style of my own. It is still in the works but at least it is started!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a few things that I have taken to the Show Home this year. I will have to wait a few weeks to see if any of them have found new homes!

Have a great week.
Happy to be linked with Sunday Sketches this week.


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