Watercolor girl

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This week I was playing around with some watercolor. Still trying to get the colors to blend. It is a proven fact, that I still need much practicing with this technique called watercolor!! But I sketched it out, then tried to do the watercolor and let dry. Afterwards, I used some collage for her dress, and outlined with Stabilo pencil and high lighted her with some gold foil, to bring a bit of bling to this princess. Her background, was many layers of paint, until I was pleased with the look. I added some pallet knife wipes and some stencil dots and again, some gold foil and then… called her finished….


I am linked with Sunday Sketches  this week. Go take a look at the other pictures  shared there with Alexandra… follow this link

Blue Chair Diary

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  1. This is fab! I would love to master the beautiful and unforgiving medium of water color for portraits. You’ve done a great job!

    1. thank you Ileana… still lots of practice to do!! thanks for stopping by!

  2. She is a pretty princess!

    1. Thank you Christine!

  3. Pretty princess! The colors make me want cotton candy. 😀

    1. thank you so much… I am liking the neon colors!!

  4. Jane, your gal is lovely. I’m curious as to how many layers you put underneath before arriving at your final piece. She’s beautiful! 🙂

    1. thank you Alexandra…. wow, depends on what it looks like! I start out with some collage pieces, then maybe watercolor crayons that I activate with water…. to fill in the white.. or just watercolor to blend the colors…. then brayer some color over it…. then maybe palette knife some additional color.. or I use my white oil stick that I love……depends how long it takes to get the look I want!! Sorry, not much of an answer… just have to play!! I am still learning, I guess when I learn it all, I would have a better answer and steps to share. Thanks for stopping by!!!

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