Pudgy cheeks


I wish I could find the original painting of this girl. LOL!!  I did her last year, and she was on a stack, along with many others, of old pieces that need a face lift. Now, knowing me, I may look at her in a few weeks and see something that makes me think she still needs some work, but for now, I think she is finished!! Funny, how your tastes changes too. I am sure that at the time I painted her, I thought she must have looked pretty good. But after closer looks, a few months, later… that was not the case!!


So, I used some new ideas that I have been practicing with, some facial ideas…. and then, my very favorite new supply…. white oil stick!! I love that thing!! When I am finished with the backgrounds or the subject, I just rub a bit of that on the picture then smear it around with my finger and it instantly blends things together…. What a discovery!! Now, it does take a bit longer to dry, but that is ok with me… another favorite, almost as much, is a hot pink oil stick… As you can tell in this little girls face, I used that for the highlight on her cheeks and her hair ties. I put some on her lips but then calmed it down a bit with the white.


So, here she is, all face lifted and ready to go….


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Happy Sunday! Have a great week!!




  1. She is adorable!I totally agree with you about tastes changing and the need to give a facelift to our earlier projects.I have the same issue.In fact after I have looked at my work for more than a few times,I actually start hating all of it,so I just let it be.Not good I know!Thanks for the tip about the oil sticks.Is this a specific brand?

    1. Hey… I got 3 sticks because they are so expensive, I think $8 or $9 but Shiva, is the brand… I got them from Dick Blick… thanks for coming to visit! Have a great week,

  2. She is adorable.I totally get your point about the itch to rework everything after a while.I have the same problem too.Trying real hard to let things be but it sure is difficult.Loved the tip about the oil sticks.Is there a specific brand you use?

  3. She looks gorgeous! Her eyes are very lifelike which makes her look like she’s deep in thought. I don’t know what she looked like before but the addition of the white oil stick was a good choice I think!

  4. She’s wonderful, Jane. I would LOVE to have the time to take one of those “girl” classes/mixed media you’ve been able to do. It’s totally transformed your art! 🙂 xx

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