Mixed media Girl Portrait



This week, I got my bleeding tissue paper in the mail. I love to get packages from Amazon. I just keep a running order going with them, then when I have enough to warrant shipping charges, I purchase… I had tried to do my own bleeding tissue paper with inks and they worked pretty good but I wanted the real things.


So I started my project with a board cradle, about 10×12 maybe.  Got that tissue all cut and torn into squares and then put them on the wood, with gel medium. Just placed them randomly at this point because I didn`t know what I was going to be making. But as they dried and I added watercolor crayons, wet them, spread the colors around… then with the brayer, I spread some gesso on top, not to cover the whole background, just to start the process.




Of course, not to my surprise, a girl began to appear! So I penciled her in and started putting the white gesso over the face.


At this point and for some time to follow, you can still see the bleeding tissue peeking through. So on to her face and features…


Then, it happened… I finished up her face, added some joint compound for the flowers on her dress, waiting for it to dry over night… painted her dress white…. then started on the background. Couldn`t quite decide which way to go, so just started layering over the colors until I found a look that I liked. I tried to pallet knife the colors and then scraped through them with the pallet knife and really liked how it started digging in and bringing out some of the original colors… Interesting… I get why it is called mixed media… You can cover it all up, all the time it took you to do those layers, and they are gone…. but then, you can dig through the surface and magic happens!

So, here she is finished . Highlighted her with a bit of gold that is hard to see in the picture, and some hot pink, which is one of favorites, and white….

Happy to be linked with Sunday Sketches this week.  Check it out  here

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  1. very beautiful work, first I’m hearing of bleeding tissue, nice effect!

    1. thank you CHristine… you should try some tissue and see how you like it!
      Thanks for coming to visit!

  2. The final painting looks great Jane. My neighbor enjoys the same Technique books that you do. Happy Sunday;)

    1. thanks, Karen. Yes, those books are my weakness! so fun….
      Thanks for visiting. Have a great week!!

  3. Hi Jane, I must say I like that girl in
    all stages :)) Wonderful picture!

    Have a beautiful Sunday
    Tinna ✐

    1. Thank you Tinna I appreciate your kind words! Thanks for finding me.
      You have a great new week,

  4. She is beautiful. I loved being able to follow all of the steps. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. thank you Ginny, for coming to visit. I appreciate your kind words! Have a great week!!

  5. Nice progression and I don’t know much about bleeding tissue but the look is fabulous. The texture on the dress and colors all the way around are perfect. The gold was a nice touch!

    1. Thank you lleana… I will have to continue to play with the tissue to find its true potential! Thanks for stopping by… Have a great new week!!

  6. Jane, lovely work as always! Loving your girls and all of them coming to life. You must be excited at how your art is growing! 🙂

    1. Thank you Alexandra. That means a lot to me coming from you!! We are always learning!! Have a great week!

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