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17 Jul 2015 DIY, Water color 15


This is a start of my painting from sketch to finished look.





The easiest part sometimes is the pencil sketch to get started. Then the question is what to do with it? How to color? acrylic paints or watercolors or oil?


I decided to go for the watercolors.. I worked on her face, trying to keep the brush colors light… then I added some collage pieces and pictures. I had found a cool picture in a magazine of a bird sitting on a group of flowers. It was just the right size, so I used it for the top of her dress on her neck, with the little bird peeking out.


More collage for the dress with cut out pieces. The wings were some old pieces of music that I placed together to make them full.  In the old hymnal, I found the song titled, “Wonderful Grace” so that became her name, Grace…


Next I used watercolor crayons to go over the background. After they were drawn on, I used my water brush to activate the color and cover the background..

I decided to put the flower in her hair instead of having her crown.. so I painted that on in those same soft colors… Highlighted the bird and dress with similar colors.

Almost finished at this point, I added some more details that are kind of hard to tell here, but white stenciled dots were put around the background. Ink pad was used around the edges to age it… and a few stamps of random letters were used .


I think Grace has become her final self…

I hope you enjoyed the process with me. Linked with Sunday Sketches here

Go take a look at all the art if you have time…

Have a wonderful day,





    1. thank you Christine! Have a great week!!

  1. i enjoyed seeing the steps you took to make this lovely piece of Grace.
    sketch to completion. quite charming.

    1. thank you Tammie!! thanks for coming by… Have a great new week!!

  2. I always love to see the process. I need to slow down, as after I have finished a piece… I remember my camera, and I should have been showing the process…. Oh dear…Maybe next week.

    She is just lovely and the colors surrounding her bring her to life.

    1. Thank you Wanda. Yes, seems like I always have my phone with me, so that makes it easy for photos!!
      Have a great new week!

    1. thank you Karen..

  3. She is so sweet looking and I love the story of her name. I also have an old songbook with this song. I’m afraid to use the original paper and so far just use copies. Mine is from the church I attended as a child and is dated 1963. How old is yours?

    1. Thank you Debbie, Actually it an old one that my Mother had but coming from a musical family, I have tons of old music and books that I had been saving and one day thought, they were not doing me any good sitting on the shelf. And whoever finds them one day going through my things, they will not mean anything to… so…. I have started using some of them in my art. Makes it more meaningful to me that way, to have a piece of my past underneath the layers or even on top. The memories, I will keep but the stuff, I have collected, I am to a point where I am ok, to use it.. You have to get to that point though.. whatever is right for you…. thanks for coming over. Have a great new week!!

  4. She’s absolutely lovely, Jane. I’m SO loving how your creative works just continue to blossom and grow. 🙂

  5. Pretty girl that is 🙂
    Love the flower necklace with bird,
    what a cute idea! :))

    Tinna ✐

    1. thank you Tinna, thanks for stopping by and your kind words.. Have a great new week!!

  6. Oh love her. She is so sweet. I love the different mediums. Thanks for sharing on Sunday sketches and inviting
    us over. Nice to meet you.

    1. Sherry, thanks for coming to visit and for your kind words. I will see you again on Sunday Sketches!! Nice to meet you too… Have a great new week,

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