My favorite supplies to use

22 Jul 2015 DIY, Uncategorized
My favorite supplies
You can`t always find these, and they are not perfect cause they still clog sometimes
after you have used them for a while, but they are one of the best that I have found.
I love these things. Love to get new ones and open the package up to use for the first time! It makes me happy!!
These are the greatest, I love the black one best. They are water soluable and will draw over wet paint or oil. Very cool to draw with on white paper and use the water brush to activate the picture.
Love these too. They are great to take on the road trip with a small watercolor set. I always have them when I travel. There are many different brands and I think all would work equally good.
This is the one recommended by Tamara Laporte on her
blog of  her favorite supplies. She has influenced me in many of my favorites!
.2 lead, 2B for thin outline, .9 for thicker
My favorite one is Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold
Love how these activate with water…
Portfolio Series Watersoluable oil Pastels


Variety of Vintage book pages and music pages
Assorted Stencils
 Strathmore Visual Journey, 9×12, 100 lb.

That is it for today.  I am sure I will find new favorites tomorrow!
Have a great day!

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