Distress wood angels

I had a few pieces of furniture made recently and when he delivered them, I had asked if he had any old pieces of wood, to stick in so I could paint on them….

So, I have been playing with the pieces he brought me… I am not sure when the love of distressed wood started with me, but I do love it…

angel 2      angel

I started with this piece… washed over the wood with acrylic rose and blue… then sketched out the angel that I had in mind with a charcoal pencil…. Then, I got my white gesso out and painted over the design with the gesso. At this point, I was kind of deciding if I wanted to leave it this way or add some color. I let it sit for a few days and look at it as I passed by and then decided to add some color…. So, I painted her face and gave her some blonde hair…

angel 4


While I still had my paints out and the other piece of distressed wood near by, I started another one… Just because that is the way my mind works…. can`t do just one!!


cross 1 cross 2

But this one had a different color scheme.. I used the lime and teal colors to wash over the board for her. The cool thing about this piece is that this awesome cross just appeared on her dress…. from the crack in the wood… I decided to give her a red, auburn hair color and got her face done then…. used some gold flakes for her halo.

cross 3


So, I think these girls are finally finished. It was fun bringing them to life…

Now, on to the other pieces….

heston  heston2

I had a little helper in my art room today. My grandson, Heston, spent the night and wanted to go paint some this morning, so he started his piece while I finished the girls…

Love that he loves to create.

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  1. Wow Jane! I can understand your love of the use of wood as a base. Very textural! Both are just beautiful, and I love the 2nd one ‘because’ of the crack! It gives it age and depth… sigh.. lovely!

    1. Thank you Mandy!!

  2. oh and forgot to say….. your grandsons painting is awesome… looks like an illustration for a book!

  3. Beautiful paintings Jane. And your grandson is a budding painter like you 🙂

    1. thank you Maya.. I hope you have a great new week. Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Beautiful pieces on the distressed wood and lovely work from grandson too!

    1. Thank you Christine

  5. These are both beautiful. My husband was a very talented woodworker and he taught me so much about the beauty of different woods and how they feel and smell. Your art just added another dimension to something already beautiful.

    Thank you so much for sharing your process. I really enjoyed reading about how you created such lovely pieces.

    1. thank you Ginny. My dad was a very talented woodworker too. He died when I was 19 but I love to think of all the things we would have done together if he was still here. I am sure he is using his talents in Heaven!! Have a great week!!

  6. So special when the love of art can be passed down to the next generation and beyond. Lovely work. Cute grandson.

    1. Thank you Wanda, he loves to create… His mom is an architect so he has it in his genes!! Have a great week!!

  7. Oh what a great idea. I love this. They are so pretty. Thanks for sharing how you did this. Isn’t it great
    to get the children/grand children involved in what we enjoy.
    Thanks for sharing this. You’ve Blessed me today.

    1. thank you Sherry! Glad you could come visit my blog and see the girls… Yes, grandchildren are a whole new world, just waiting to learn. What a blessing to be able to have them! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  8. I’ve never painted on wood, but we certainly have masses around our house. We have two wood burners and a wood store full of wood. My hubby has a thing for wood. Maybe I should look to see if I can find a suitable piece to try out this technique. Your angels are beautiful.
    How brilliant that your grandson has inherited the creativity gene. You must be thrilled.
    Thanks for showing your artwork. It’s inspirational and something I’d like to try. I’ll be sure to post the results if I do.
    Have a great creative week ;D

    1. thank you again, Nessie, yes you should give it a try for sure. If your husband enjoys wood, I am sure you would be able to get some awesome pieces to work on. Good luck and yes, I would love to see your pieces when you are finished. Have a great new week!!

  9. Your little helper is so adorable. Hee Hee LOVE your stressed wood artwork. It’s fabulous, Jane. You should be proud of yourself. 🙂

    1. Thank you Alexandra. He is such fun to do projects with…. until he gets bored and wants to move on to something else!! thank you for your kind words, as always!!

  10. Those are lovely looking! 😀 and you little helper did well too 😀

    1. thank you Jennifer!

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