Ballpoint pen sketches







We went on a trip this week and on the airplane, I only had my sketch pad and a ballpoint pen and a book. I read for a bit then got the pen out and tried some sketches. It is not near as exact, obviously, cannot erase wrong lines… but I did like how you can draw then loosely go back over the lines to correct any imperfections in the shapes. Of course, these are far from perfect in the perfectionists eyes, but fun to do these loose pictures. I got carried away, as usual and ended up with many of them. I will share a few here and the after pictures, when I added a little bit of watercolor to them…






and a few thoughts got added to the finished ones….

this princess is probably one of my favorites. Love the verse from Psalm 45:13, “the King`s daughter is all glorious within.”







This SHINE girl has not been colored yet but will be soon.

We are back in Seattle today, after a week cruise to Alaska, and on our way back to Birmingham tomorrow to get back to the real world. It was a nice break away to see some of God`s most beautiful work in the countryside of Alaska.

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Have a great new week,




  1. Sweet faces….great with a ball point pen on a plane….That’s creativity.

    1. Thank you Wanda… just can`t sit still and not do something with my hands..!! got that from my mother. She used to tell me that Papa would ask her at night, ‘can`t you just sit still and watch tv?” lol… no, she couldn`t and I have a hard time doing it too!! have a great week!!

  2. Oh how lovely these are! It sounds like a wonderful trip.

    1. thank you Lisa. Have a wonderful new week and thanks for stopping by!!

  3. wonderful work with the ballpoint pen sketches here, thanks for sharing!

    1. thank you Christine. Thanks for stopping by! have a great new week!!

  4. I think the looser the better as that way they convey more the princesses and hope you enjoyed your trip

    1. thank you Lorraine. We had a great time but ready to get back home in my own bed!! Thanks for stopping by.. Have a great new week!!

  5. your portrait sketches are really well done, all of them have a lot of character 😀

    1. Thank you Jennifer! thanks for your kind words, and thank you for stopping by!! Have a great new week!!

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