All grace in every season



I never knew this day would lead to where it has. Past memories are brought up ever so often, and relived. But some memories are buried so deep that it takes a lot of work to bring them to the surface.

I have recently gotten the best book to read, which I have mentioned before. “Milk and Honey” by Morgan Bacon Cheek. In reading her book, of course I have signed up for her daily posts and facebook….. She is the mother of twin special needs little girls and this is their story.. A remarkable , inspirational book that I have enjoyed reading and underlining so much.

Today, on her facebook, she highlighted another blog written by a mother of a special needs little girl. Morgan said that this sweet  Mother spoke words that were exactly how she felt in her journey. I had a little extra time, so I clicked over on this new blog, (where of course, I am now following her), but on the  page that Morgan referenced, it was  titled  “All Grace in Every Season”. This Mother, Michaela,  writes about her sweet little daughter, Florence Marigold Evanow in her blog , about their journey, and how her Florence lived for 3 years with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1.  Florence just passed away this year in May, and of course, the feelings are still raw as Michaela shares her intimate thoughts.

I cannot relate to losing a 3 year old, but as she talked about a book she was reading, “A Dream so Big” by Steven Peifer, and yes, I want to get this one too (!) , she mentioned a quote from that book. The author had lost three babies to miscarriage and said she felt like God was telling her, “this child has more purpose than just fulfilling your motherhood.”

Oh my goodness… what a revelation….. you see between 1985 and 1988,  I had three miscarriages. One year apart….. We had our two sons at the time, but in my mind, I always felt like we were not completed as a family quite yet…. we tried for that third baby…. When we lost them, it was tremendous sorrow but  I felt comfort knowing that our babies were with Jesus and I would see them one day. But… when I read that statement…….. “our miscarried  babies had more purpose than just fulfilling my motherhood”… it brought tears to my eyes… So proud of each of them, knowing they are serving  His purpose for their little lives…..

Our story has a happy ending when in 1989, we had that third baby, and Lara Brooke Lazenby was born.


In a mothers heart, there is always love for those who now live in Heaven, and blessed assurance that we will meet again…


Michaela closed her thoughts for the day with this verse which is so familiar to hear the last part, but to really listen to the whole scripture….. it is such a testimony to Him.

“For I have learned in whatever situation I am in, to be at rest and in joy. I know how to be brought into the Valleys and I know how to soar on mountaintops. I have learned the secret of facing blessings and abundance and also hunger and sorrow. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens my heart. ” Philippians 4: 11-13

Today, I am thankful, Lord, that YOU are always enough…






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