Angels and birds


This week I was doodling with some thoughts and ideas from the new FLOW magazine. It is filled with clip art ideas this time. So fun to look through that magazine and be inspired. I think I will add a little watercolor to the bird and his surroundings but that will come later.

Of course, in my mind I am always drawn to angels. I started this little picture with the middle angel and had her all drawn and colored and decided she needed some friends, so the group was born… Makes me realize that Christmas is right around the corner!!


angels 2


I think I will scan this one and put it on a card, just in time for Christmas!

Linked with Sunday Sketches here

Have a wonderful new week!






  1. Such a sweet sketch! It will be a wonderful card.

    1. thank you Christine!

  2. Your angels are so adorable! Gorgeous art for a Christmas card.

  3. cute angels..good idea for a christmas card

    1. thank you Lorraine!

  4. Very pretty doodles and angels! The pastel colours really suit them!

  5. your angle image would def make a nice pretty Christmas card 🙂

    1. thank you Jennifer!

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