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I have discovered a new artist who I love. She did a  guest artist lesson in Mindy Lacefields class Permission to play. Her name is Consu Tolosa    She had her lesson using inks and it was interesting to play with them. I still have lots to learn about them, but the rain girl was in the lesson. The little celebrate girl with balloons, was one I did after the lesson, just because I can`t stop at one!!


Linked with Sunday Sketches here

Have a great new week!

Love, Jane


  1. Sweet piece in inks, your style is still evident here!

    1. Thank you Christine. I appreciate that thought. It is my desire, through learning new things, to find my own style… I hope you have a great new week!! thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Isn’t finding a new form of art, or seeing a video or taking a class stretch our envelope. Your little girls are so sweet with their big faces. How fun.

    1. yes, Wanda, I love to learn new techniques!! always fun… keeps the mind working! LOL!! thanks for stopping by.I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and new week!

    1. thank you Jennifer!! Have a great new week!!

  3. Absolutely fantastic work, Jane. I LOVE LOVE the bright colours here. And what awesome success to have 2,000 sales in your etsy shop! Seriously impressive!

    1. Thank you Alexandra!! I love finding colors that will stay bright and vivid when they dry. I am learning, long process, which ones I like best… thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great week!!

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