gracie give away1

Time to have a giveaway to celebrate 2000 sells in our etsy shop!!!

Sign up to follow our blog, and comment below to tell me you did  for more chances….

Follow our link to instagram and tag three friends who are not following us.  and for more chances……

Share our facebook post on your facebook page and comment ..

Giveaway winner will be announced this weekend!!!.

Have a wonderful day!!



  1. Absolutely am in love with your work and creativity

    1. That is so sweet Jennifer. I appreciate your kind words!! Thanks for stopping by.. I hope you have a great new week!!

  2. Glad to find your blog – just subscribed. Off to check out Instagram!

    1. Renee thank you for finding me! I hope you have a great new week!!

  3. How exciting is this! What a wonderful giveaway.

    1. Thanks for coming April! I hope you have a wonderful new week!

  4. Thank you for showing me how to sign up for your blog. Looking forward to learning more about you! Sharing on Facebook

    1. Great to have you here Nancy! Thanks for stopping by!!
      Have a wonderful new week!!

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