Getting caught up with my lessons

New week, new lessons, new ideas…..busyness is upon us…!!



I was excited to have a good part of the day yesterday to be in my little office area with my paints, pencils and papers. I have gotten a little behind in some of my lessons so I wanted to try to get a little caught up. I had been very excited to be taking Juliette Crane`s Happy Painting Class. I have looked at a few of the lessons but had not gotten started yet.

I may have mentioned before but I truly believe that somewhere back in my childhood, I developed ADD and didn`t know it!! I cannot just do one of something, I have to do multiple!! I know, I know…. but that is just the way I am wired. Can`t sit still, just like Mother couldn`t sit still at night without her hand work. LOL….  So… as i listened to the lessons, I immediately got two canvases out to get started, just in case I really liked it, I would already have another one started! As I am writing this, that makes sense to me for some strange reason.

This first one I did, very close to the lesson, put my own saying on the side, used some of my own colors and highlighted the colors I liked best.  I used the saying,  “She was woven together for a purpose”   I love that…. I just felt like it fit the painting

Started off with some college and random colors painted on. Lots of black and deep purple paint started the bottom, then lots of white around the top. I used the stabilo pencil to draw the girl in and highlights on her face. I still need to stay some adhesive on it so the pencil will not rub off but other than that, she is all finished.

As I said, I started two. So my other one was basically the same background but I decided to make this one into an angel. Added her some wings, and opened her eyes… and then… she was ready for her saying….. “It is well with my SOUL”

It was a fun afternoon with my paints..

it is well with my soul

Happy to be linked with Sunday Sketches today. I hope you have a wonderful new week!

Thanks for stopping by!!





  1. Lovely creation ~ sweet yet elegant ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

    1. Thank you Carol! Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you have a great new week!

  2. I am in awe of these two art works! And the quotes are so inspiring.
    visiting from sunday sketches.

    1. awww.. thank you Juana! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you have a great new week!

    1. thank you Christine!

  3. those are great 🙂 nice colours and patterns 🙂

    1. Thank you Jennifer… thanks for stopping by…

  4. What absolutely darling art. Just lovely!

  5. Really lovely, both pieces! We all have our AD type quirks i believe!

    1. LOL.. Thanks Andrea!! and thanks for stopping by!! Have a great new week!!!

  6. What a lovely new piece of art, Jane. I had to chuckle at your ADD comment. I often wonder if us artists are just “made” to do a thousand things at the same time. Hee Hee 😀

    1. That makes me feel a little better about all of my started pieces, Alexandra!! knowing I am not alone! Thank you for stopping by! I hope you have a great week, and have fun at all of your book readings. So fun for you and for those who get to come listen! Love, Jane

  7. Your art is very sweet and beautifully executed!

    1. thank you Lynn… have a great day!!

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