Fall is here!

4 Oct 2015 Uncategorized 16

As the weather has taken a sudden dip in temperature, it is really beginning to feel like fall. Several things happened this weekend to remind me …

My husband, Tom, had gone away with son and grandson for a Tennessee game, and as I sat down to watch a show last night, I had to smile to myself. I turned it on the recorded shows to pull up a Hallmark show I had recorded and had to scroll down about 10 different new recordings to find it. All them were football games yesterday he had recorded since he would miss them. It will take him days to catch up or maybe just a night. His idea of a great fall Saturday is to be in his room downstairs, controller in hand, watching as many games as he can at one time!! Ahhh, gotta love fall and football!

There was a chill in the air almost, as I was settling in for the night, so I went to get me some socks to put on. I pulled out some hand knitted ones that my Mother had made for me several years before she died.  I smiled again, as I pulled them out and put them on. Sweet reminder of her love for her family. She must have made a dozen pairs of those socks that year, for each girl in the family. Love fall weather and heavy socks!!



So, with a Hallmark movie on, my art supplies spread out around me, I was able to finish up a few paintings that I had started.

new 2 new

And finally, before the night was over, the winner was chosen for my give away in celebration of 2000 sells in our etsy shop. THE WINNER IS LINDSEY MCMAHON!

As I get my new etsy shop stocked with original paintings, I will be having more give aways. Thank you for following me and for your support!!

Here is the painting that she won in this give away

new 3l

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I hope you have a wonderful new week!




  1. def. fall here now, starting to have to put the heating on lol

    lovely soft colours in all of the pieces 🙂 love the blue hair 🙂

    1. thank you Jennifer… Happy Fall!!

  2. Sweet story about the handmade socks by your Mother. I feel the same everytime I use the dishes my Mom gave me. Knowing the gift was from their heart keeps the warmth of their love kindled. Congratulations on your new etsy shop!

    1. I know those dishes are special to you Juana. Love to pull out my grandmother and my mother`s things that I have saved. Treasures for sure… thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Love your pretty angelic little fairy-girls
    Happy Sunday

    1. thank you!! Happy Sunday to you as well!

  4. homemade love in every stitch

    1. Yes, there is Lorraine! She LOVED to knit and to give them as gifts. They are treasures…
      Have a great new week!!

  5. Very nice post, and love the new pieces, sounds like a great fall afternoon!

    1. thank you Andrea, for coming to visit and for your sweet words. I hope you have a great day!!!

  6. Beautiful characters — the colors really add to the angelic feel! Thank you for visiting from Sunday Sketches!

    1. thank you Abigail! Hope you have a great new week and enjoy this fall weather!!

  7. Lovely paintings ~ and sweet congrats to Lindsey!

    1. Thank you Rose. thanks for stopping by!! Have a great rest of the week!

  8. Wonderful work, Jane. I love the “hope” girl with the blue hair. 😀

    1. thank you Alexandra! Sometimes I am late seeing your comment because it always go to the spam folder.. I can`t figure that out, but eventually I find it and mark NOT SPAM!! have a great new week!!!

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