A girl has to have a make over every once in a while

I love to pull out old pictures that I thought I liked, but with fresh eyes, see a few things that need changing. It would take me a very long time if I did that to all of my earlier paintings because there are so many that I would redo. But I just pick one and go from there with a little make over where I see it needs some help.  This little girl was one of those that I have worked on recently. A new hair color, well, a few new streaks, a brand new face and she is ready to go. I added a quote that I really love…. She let her Faith be bigger than her fears… Something we should all remember in those hard times. So… here she is…




Now on to a brand new week where I will probably seek out another redo, along with a few new things when time permits.

Have a great new week!!

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  1. Love how you’ve refreshed this painting and the quote fits perfectly for your intention.

    Happy Sunday sketches.

    1. Thank you Juana… Thanks for coming over to find me. I hope you have a great new week!

  2. so pretty Jane, love her polka dots!

    1. Thank you Christine for stopping over and for your sweet comment.. Have a great new week!!

    1. Thank you Lisa.. Have a great day!!

  3. didn’t see the original, but this version looks wonderful 🙂 really nice texture to her hair 🙂

    I could spend years redoing old work, but there isn’t enough time in the day for it :/

    1. LOL Jennifer, I didn`t put the original up maybe I should have to see her improvement!! Thank you for your sweet comment and yes, it could be a full time job. It does make me a happy to finally have an old one that I feel finished instead of just in a stack waiting for some help!! Have a great day!!

  4. Such a sweet character design! Also enjoy the star details hanging from the quote — so cute!

    1. thank you Abigail!! have a great rest of the week!!

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