Watercolor kind of week

I have had a watercolor kind of week. They are easy to get to when I am in the den at night. They don`t take a tremendous amount of time, usually, and I love to use my favorite extra fine tip black sharpie to detail after I am finished with the watercolor. So, I got a few pictures drawn and colored and detailed this week.

FullSizeRender 2

I sketched from a magazine photo, using the flowers for her head. She had on a skimpy little outfit in the magazine ad,  I optioned for a little more clothes… then the pens came out for the details.


Then, this little lady had been drawn for a while. This afternoon I  pulled out the watercolors to work on her as I am watching and listening to the football game in the background, A good stress reliever for me…. She has a way to go but it is a start.

Linked with Sunday Sketches here

Have a wonderful new week!



  1. more nice work 🙂 great attention to all the detail 🙂

    1. thank you Jennifer!!

    1. tHANK YOU, Christine!! have a wonderful new week!! See you next week on Sunday Sketches!!

  2. I really like your fashion design…more is better. The shoe….I’ll take a pair.

    1. LOL!! shoes? can`t live without them, right?!! and can never have enough!! Thank you Wanda, for coming over . I hope you have a wonderful new week!!

  3. Wonderful work. I love the first drawing. The flowers in her hair look great!

    1. thank you Rebecca! Thanks for stopping by.. Have a great new week!!!

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