Children, entrusted to us, but on loan from God

This week in our Bible Study, we had a wonderful opening by a sweet friend of mine. She told her personal story of growing up with her grandmother taking care of her when her own mom couldn`t. She said, she was one step away from being a foster child. Then she went on to say how God had given her a heart for foster children as she got older. With her three children growing up and all teenagers, her family signed up to be foster parents. When I say, “Her family” , that is what she said to us. It was a family commitment, all the children were on board with her husband and her. They all play an active part in these children`s lives that  come into their home. She said that they didn`t want her children to know for just a day or two out of the year, how to serve and help others, but to make it their life practice.
They got a precious little foster girl, and had not intended to adopt when they signed up, but they fell in love with her and she became a member of their family through adoption. Then a sweet boy shows up for them to foster, and he too, became a member of their family. So, they have 5 children now, 18, 15, and 13 and these two new ones, 3 and 2.
I left that morning, so inspired and full of love for her and her family. For what they are doing for these children and in doing so, what they are doing for Him. How brightly God shines through their actions and the pattern of their lives.
Then I pull up a blog of a sweet young mother who I do not even know personally but really hope to meet one day. I have been following her and have bought her new book,  On Milk and Honey, by Morgan Cheek, to read.
When I say young, she is just 30 years old but has the wisdom and discernment of someone who has lived many more years than she has. She and her husband have twin girls, each with disabilities. Her book, is their life story of the first year and a half with the girls… But her blog is a day to day diary to share with us, not the “oh poor me” writings, but how God is using this situation for good. How He is there with them and what He shows them through these hard days. She is wise beyond her years, and such an inspiration to hear and read.
Now, you may wonder what these two extraordinary ladies have in common… and I didn`t connect the dots until this morning, when I was reading Morgan`s blog as I started my day, and it jumped out at me.
As she is talking about  the seizures that her girls are having, and wondering if they have happened before and she didn`t know…..  she says,   “But God. He knows. His strength is made perfect in all my weaknesses and He makes it His responsibility to work out the details of this journey He is writing for us. The girls are entrusted to us but ultimately, they are His. We are called to simply move forward in trust. In all things. No matter what. Even when we feel afflicted, perplexed, and struck down.”
The part where she says that the girls are entrusted to us, but ultimately, they are His, that is true with all of our children, foster or biological. These precious children that we have in our homes with us, they are just on loan. We do the best we can, they grow up and are gone from our homes, but never gone from Him, because they are HIS.
Both of these ladies, are dealing with trials, although different, but the outcome is the same. The children in their lives, are just on loan, they are His and will be His always.
Click  Here for Morgans blog.
I encourage you to read it. Keep up with her, pray for them and the girls, and watch God work in their lives.  Her verse that she shared at the beginning of her blog was

 2 Corinthians 4:8-9:

“We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair…struck down, but not destroyed”

Thank you, Lord, for these Mothers who have You in their hearts and are making a difference for You with these precious children, while on loan from You.

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