“She let her faith be bigger than her fears”

I would like to share this girl with someone who needs to be reminded that God is bigger than her fears. Know anyone who would like to be included in this ? Sign up to follow me on my blog, then comment under this entry the name and address of someone you think needs this little faith girl. I have 25 small prints that I will personally send to them, with a note of inspiration and encouragement. Thank you for letting me know , already praying for those ladies who will be receiving one.


faith girl

Have a wonderful week!!




  1. I would love for her to be sent to:
    Jessica Clancy
    2 Catechis
    Huntsville, Texas 77320
    She is a young widow and mother of 3.

  2. This is so sweet of you to do Jane! And it’s a precious piece.

    1. Thanks for coming over, Christine! have a great new week!!

  3. My foster mom friend Catie finley lumpkin needs to be entered here 🙂

  4. Catie Finley Lumpkin a foster mom of many

    1. Got it Jennifer. thanks, Jane

  5. R. Murphree
    Can I email you her address? Age, 8
    We moved her to a new school this year because of emotional issues due to bullying from a teacher and kids. She had troubles making friends and fears being herself. She loves God with all her heart.

  6. Please send my friend Samantha Ferguson one of your prints. She is an amazing lady who just became a single mom and is by Grace and Faith raising and providing for her two children. Your print would really bless her. Her address is:
    2865 Apt. A. Regal Circle
    Birmingham,, AL 35226

    1. sure will Phyllis. thanks,

  7. I’ve been having a real difficult time lately. I lost my dad last October from cancer. I was his caregiver for 4 years and now I feel lost. I have severe depression and I’m struggling. I don’t want to sound selfish but I could use your prayers.

    1. Of course, April.. If you will give me your address, I will be glad to get one of these prints in the mail to you, and hope that it helps to remind you of the hope we have in eternal life after we leave this earthly home, when we know Jesus… thank you for getting in touch with me. Praying for you today, to be able to see one day at a time, and each day will be better for you.. and He will give you the strength you need to get through this… I will be waiting for your address. You can email me if you like to tomelz@aol.com
      thank you, Love, Jane

  8. What a sweet idea. <3 My best girlfriend, since childhood, could really use some encouragement. She's going through more than I could properly express, including taking care of her precious, chronically ill, young daughter. She is a Christian, so this would sink down deep into her brokenness, because she knows, beneath it all, her Heavenly Daddy cares beyond measure. Thank you!

    1. Layla, I would love to send your friend a print. If you will email me her address, I will get it in the mail to her. Thanks!

  9. What a sweet sentiment! You draw sweet, lovely girls!

  10. Please send one to my daughter, Katie. She is a freshman in college and could use a lot of prayers ;-)!
    I’ll email you her address. Thank you!

    1. Of course, Millie, tomelz@aol.com is my email. thank you for telling me about her!!
      Have a great day

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