Pencil sketches to think about…. and maybe color?!!


With Christmas in the air, it is making the urgency real, to start thinking about it. I was trying to work on a few pencil sketches to get ready for some cards. In doing so, still deciding if I wanted to add color to them or not. So, I scanned them without color and then have gone back on some of them to do a light watercolor on them to finish. I had never really drawn a drummer boy so he was fun, trying to decide how he would look. He is kind of a modern boy, but fits the picture of the drummer.


c.1        drummer boy colored


And then my vintage girl with a deer.

c2  deer girl

These sheep were done in Pencil … and still thinking about them.



I don`t think I will add color to them. But.

one more

angel  angel colored

My angel girl, surprised, surprised!! I am always drawn to angels. I sketched her first with this little vintage sheep and had to add some watercolor to her.. Now, to use them for some Christmas cards and maybe put some words to go with them…

Happy to be linked with Sunday Sketches today  here

I hope you have a wonderful new week.




  1. Oooh, these are so beautiful! I love them, especially the angel holding the lamb.

    1. Thank you Lisa!! Have a great new week!!

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