Kindred Art Retreat on 30A

11 Nov 2015 Art retreat, Thankful


I have been admiring Tricia Robinson`s work for a long time. She paints such fun and joyful paintings, each one with its own personality. When she is finished with the painting but before it dries, she etches out an inspirational thought or scripture into her creations. They make me happy just to look at them.


God has blessed her with such talent, and has given her such a platform to share her work and to be an encourager to others..

I knew she had girl`s camps in the summer and was waiting for her to decide to do an adult class. Last year, she did, and I signed up quickly. Her home, oh my goodness, her home, is just as happy as her paintings are. What a fun weekend we had creating at her house.

Fast forward a few months and I saw where she was having a retreat at the beach with her sweet friend, Liza. It was months away, but my friend, Lisa, and I signed up quickly, knowing the spots would go in a hurry. It seemed so far away at the time, then all of a sudden, it was getting close, and then it happened. 🙂



We met at Liza`s new home on the bay, and had a few hours together on Friday evening. Supplies had been laid out,


name tags made and given out,


tables set up to work on,


and dinner was ready.


Tricia, started one of her paintings,



And worked on it the next day.



and then… magic!! it is finished. Such happiness in her pieces!!


We all got our own suitcases to work on, and started the painting process immediately!


Lisa, spreads out on the floor to get hers started…


Typewriters were being created, trees, mopeds….


New friends were made, pictures were starting to get finished ….







The time flew by…

54 55


We saw Liza`s beautiful paintings, then she started a new one with us….

I finished one canvas painting, in her style




Then finished up my suitcase, and  that will be used to keep my journals and my dreams, as is only fitting!!




Much talking, laughter, and inspiration filled that room for two short days, but memories will last forever. We talked about making it an annual trip. There was even talk about going to France!! LOL!!! We can dream, right?!!

It was their vision, their dream, to have this retreat, for kindred spirits!   it happened, on 30A,November, 2015!!

Thanks to Liza and Tricia, for a job well done!!

Have a great new week!!



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