Process from ugly to finished

This week I truly understood, once again, how people say it has to go through an ugly stage before it turns out. LOL.. this first picture is the ugly stage for both of these pictures. I thought I would share them to see the difference in starting and the finished vision. The first one was inspired by Permission to Play class with Mindy Lacefield. I had trouble with the background and got it too busy. so I went back in and calmed it down a bit. the second blue haired little girl was an early image that I did and was not happy at all with her. So she got a facelift, a make over and now, she is much younger and a little princess!! I even added her a little friend to play with , a sweet little lamb.








So, there they are, all finished after the ugly stage!!

Linked with Sunday Sketches today here

Have a wonderful new week and Happy Thanksgiving!




  1. Hi Jane,
    Visiting from Sunday sketches. Your illustrations turned out lovely, the colours look great and that cute little lamb is a nice addition. Beautiful work!

    1. Thanks Eva. For coming to see me and your sweet comments. I hope you a wonderful new week!!

  2. These are charming. Even in the “ugly stage!”

    1. LOL!! thank you Rose!!

  3. Very cute sketches, no ugly ones!

    1. thank you Christine!

  4. I’ve always judged my art by the good, the bad and the ugly. Yours is really good!!! Have a great Day!!!

    1. Thank you Wanda!! how true!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  5. ah yes the dreaded ugly stage, I know it so well lol they both turned out great, such lovely colours 🙂

    1. LOL.. Thanks Jennifer! have a great new week and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. Jane, I had to chuckle when you mentioned the ugly stage as your art, regardless of the stage you’re in, is beautiful. So love seeing how your work has evolved this year! 🙂

    1. You are sweet Alexandra! I guess, it is not unusual for my work to go through these early, ugly stages, where I wonder if I can make it work!! funny how when I look back on my earlier paintings, some of them look like they didn`t make it out of the ugly stage!! gotta love it, how your perception changes over time!! Have a great weekend!! thanks for coming to visit!!

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