New look, once again


I started this mixed media girl and as I finished , what I thought was finished, her hair just looked washed out, so I took her back to the drawing board and worked a bit more…


Gave her some darker pink hair, and added some butterfly wings…. I put her a princess crown on, made from some vintage paper in my grandmothers cookbook… the black band was a few old stamps from my mother`s stamp collection. She would always tear off the stamps from letters and cards she got and put them in an envelope in her desk. When she died, and we were going through her things, my daughter wanted those stamps.. Why? just because they were her Gagas stamps.



Several years went by and I discovered mixed media art. One day, my daughter told me to take the stamps so I could use them in my art. I love them too, because they were Mothers and she had taken the time to collect and tear each one off the envelope. But as I am getting older and hopefully a bit wiser, I have thoroughly enjoyed using these treasures in my art. That way, in a small way, she lives on. Instead of keeping her things in the drawer, never to be used again, I love to pull them out and give them new life.!!



Completely different looks, and lucky for me, I took a picture of the first one, just in case I liked it better, LOL!!!

As I was picking up in my art room, I found another old painting I had done. I wish I had taken a picture of it before I started in on it, but it had a brown background. I just felt it needed a happier look, so I changed the backgrounds, and redid the girls hair and faces and now… here is another redo..


So, that is about it for my redos for now. I have stacks of them on my desk, just not enough time to get to them all!! On to nativities this week…

Have a great new week.

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  1. Love the hat and hair colour (oh and the glow cheeks) well done love it 🙂 x

    1. thank you Jenny!! thanks for stopping by!!

  2. I love how you’ve used ephemera collected by your grandmother and mother.
    I buy my ephemera at the second hand shop and you’ve got me thinking as to how many memories come with them. And so true how those memories live on through the artwork.
    The redos are lovely!

    visiting form sunday sketches

    1. Juana, thank you for coming over to my blog… Yes, I do love to use the old papers that I have from my mother and grandmothers. So glad I saved them. Makes me think about things of mine that I am saving and who will get them one day!! have a great week!!

    1. thanks Christine!!

  3. really like the changes 🙂 and good idea to take a photo before changing things, you never know what might happen so better safe then sorry

    1. Thank you Jennifer… yes, I try to do the pictures at different stages but sometimes I forget! Have a great week,

  4. Very sweet characters!! Well done!

    1. thank you Lynn!! have a great new week!!

  5. Very nice. I love your little girl.
    Have a good week.

    1. thank you Sherry! You have a great new week too!! Thanks for stopping by to visit!!

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