Lifebook2016 has started


New year means the beginning of another year with lifebook,  lifebook2016. Tamara Laporte started the lifebook 4 or 5 years ago, and I have participated for the last two years. Now with 2016, this makes my third year. It is a great way to learn different techniques with many different teachers. There is a lesson just about every week or an interview or bonus lesson. There are many different teachers that participate.

Tamara alwayas has a few lessons thrown in there all during the year. She started out with the first one, called the Traveler. This is my version of her lesson. I used watercolor and some acrylics to finish my little travelers up.






Linked with Sunday Sketches this week here

Have a wonderful week and Happy New Year!!!




  1. This is a pretty, dreamy piece Jane! I like the combination of watercolour and acrylic!

    1. thank you Christine! hope you have a great week!!

  2. A beautiful start to your lifebook — so sweet! Happy New Year!

    1. thank you Abigail!

  3. Oh this is totally stunning,gorgeous skills
    Donna xxx

    1. Thank you Donna!! have a great new week!!

  4. It turned out lovely! Tamara is such a great inspiration.

    1. yes, she sure is! have you taken her classes ? have a great new week!!

  5. This is wonderful, Jane. I so wish we could afford the class. I’d SO love to do it and learn some new skills. Anyway, your girl looks so incredibly darling. I just love how your work has grown and blossom this past year. Here’s to a brand new, creative year! Love you! xx

    1. Thank you Alexandra!! you don`t need to learn new skills.. you have perfected your gifts to use in such wonderful ways!! I continue to be so proud of how you are using them with all of your books that you illustrate. have a great week!!!

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