Blessed with freckles

I have started a new class. I know my  friends and faithful readers are not surprised by this at all.!! You see, I told myself that I would not do this, sign up for new classes,  until I was finished doing a few other classes  that I am already doing. But, then along came a friend who was posting these beautiful pictures that she was creating, and of course, I had to ask her about the class she was taking. LOL. my bad!! I had even heard about this class, and resisted signing up because I remembered my promise to myself. Then, after talking to her, and with her encouragement, I had to go check it out again….. and you guessed it…. I signed up that night. Way to go, Jane, way to keep those promises to self!! I am just hoping that when it really matters with big promises to self, …. I will do better.


Anyway, this was a class with lots of teachers, many that I was familiar with and love their styles…. called Let`s Face it. Kara Bullock is the leader, and it is all about faces, mapping them and sketching with references and painting and much more. I am giving myself a little slack here because I do love to draw faces. I have been trying to practice and learn more and be more comfortable with faces…. so if you look at it like that, I really NEEDED to take this class to further my studies.   That is at least my story for now….

The first week or two, is just about practice and sketching. This particular sketch, I found the reference on pinterest and loved her look and her freckles. I had a freckled, red head little boy, grown up now, but freckled as a child, so I was drawn to this red head and freckled girl.


This was the reference girl that I started with. Mine is a little rounded face and not quite as puffy and full lips and maybe a little older,  but here she is…


And then, I added words to my freckled girl……



“He meets us where we are in our ordinary lives and turns it into something extraordinary..”

“You will shine among them like starts in the sky.” Phil. 2:15, one of my favorite verses….

So, here I go once more, on another art journey. HAHA!! but it is all good!!


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Have a wonderful new week!!

Love, Jane


  1. Beautiful sketch, you did a great job Jane!

    1. Thank you Christine!! I hope you have a great day!!! see you next Sunday!!

  2. Her face is lovely. It is really hard to resist all of the classes that are available to us. I hope you enjoy every minute of this one.

    1. thank you again, Ginny. it is hard to resist for sure!! thank you for visiting. Have a great new week!!

  3. Love your freckled girl!!

    I’m like you. I wasn’t going to sign up for more classes but signed up for a new one, too. It keeps me inspired, I guess. Oh, well. Visiting from Sunday Sketches.

    1. Lol, Sue, it is just a sickness, I guess, but with fringe benefits!! At least we are still learning, that is what I tell myself. Glad you enjoy your classes too!! have a great week, and thanks for visiting!

  4. Absolutely fabulous work, Jane! This would be a great class to take! Hmmm. 🙂

  5. You are awesome. It doesn’t matter how close your sketch is to photo, I like this person whom you drew.

    1. thank you Sabine! thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great new week!!

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