Gesso girl

This week, I brought out played with a background that I had done a while back I touched it up a bit them drew and gessoed the girl and her hair onto it.


Now it was time to color in the white.  I  used my black stabilo pencil to draw the outline back on and activated it with a bit of water. I love  these stablio pencils. Sometimes I like to just leave it with no color and use the stabilo for the shading, but this one, I only lightly used water so it wouldn`t shade too much.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   1

Just added a bit of color and some simple flowers and I called her done.

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  1. She is beautiful, love the spring colours.

    1. thank you Christine! thanks for stopping by to visit! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Love her wistful expression and yes a Stabilo pencil is the best
    Donna xxx

    1. thanks Donna! have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. What a great painting and it’s always interesting to see the before and after. Happy SS x

    1. thanks Helen! Happy SS to you too!!! have a great week!

  4. Oh your painting brings a wonderful feeling of spring.
    It’s beautiful Jane. Happy SS to you

    1. thanks Neesie!! Happy SS to you too!!!

  5. third time the charm leaving a comment?? lol

    very nice calming colours 🙂

    1. LOL.. Thank you Jennifer!! have a great week!!

  6. I love the way her hair is flowing in the wind. Happy Sunday Sketeches! #17

    1. Thank you Arnoldo… thanks for visiting with me!! have a great new week!

  7. I love the technique you used for the background and the painting turns out beautifully! It’s such a pleasure to look at the happy girl and thank you as well for the description how you work with the stabilo. I will try this as well.

    1. Thank you Stefanie!! it was fun and I will be anxious to see how you like the stabilo…
      Have a great new week!!

  8. Another beautiful little lady, Jane. So in love with your gals.

    1. thank you Alexandra!! I am kind of stuck on faces right now!! Hope you have a great week!!

  9. Beautifully done and always lovely to see different techniques.

    1. thank you Sandra De!

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