Art at sea

My sister and I just got back from a wonderful cruise with Sandi Patty, us and about 800 other Sandi Patty fans. LOL!! I realize some of you may be too young to even know who she is, but we grew up loving to listen to her beautiful voice. She is a Christian artist and can hit those high notes like none other! We had a packed full week of choir rehearsals, worship time and seeing the ports.

But as I was packing for the trip, of course, I tucked in a few of my art supplies just in case I had some down time. My watercolor pack, watercolor paper and pencils and sharpies were neatly packed into my suitcase, along with some books for inspiration. I will have to say, that I am thinking it was because of these extra things, and not all of the clothes and shoes that I took that I didn`t even need, that my suitcase was over weight. HAHA!! I had to do some creative juggling at the ticket counter to get my bag down to the allowed weight, and the agent even graced me a few  pounds. It was worth the hassle as I did find a bit of down time in the afternoons on several days.

I started with my Lets face it lesson, and the watercolors were brought out. As I have stated before, I tend to not be able to do just one thing, so I started two different faces with the same lesson. Just in case I liked one better than the other one.



Here is my blue haired Brave girl all finished.

brave 2

as you can see, why I do two sometimes! I was not as crazy about the blonde girl at this point but finished her anyway…


Then I did a quick 5 minute lesson from lifebook2015. It was a fun, play one and not much thinking…



That was about all the watercolor time I had but sketched a few things in my book on the plane….

face 2 face

This to me, is relaxing. It took the place of reading this trip. And by the way, so as not to be overweight with my luggage on the way home, we both bought a duffle bag on the ship and stuffed it full, and paid the extra $35 for the other bag, just so not to go through the hassle again and worry when we got to the ticket counter!!

It was a great week. We ended it with a choir concert, as we were part of the choir who accompanied Sandi on the last night..

choir 222

Hope you have a wonderful new week!

Happy to be linked with Sunday Sketches here. Go check out the other art and sketches that are shared!




  1. really nice work 😀 I’ve had to pay a few times for overweight baggage, never a good thing with what places charge now 🙁

    1. thank you Jennifer for stopping by!! no, never fun to worry about being over weight at the luggage scale!! Have a great day!!

  2. Beautiful work Jane, your lessons are paying off!

    1. Thank you Christine. I hope you have a great new week!! thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Great pictures of your pretty ladies and I can think of nothing better than packing art stuff for a holiday.

    1. Thank you Sandra De, I almost never leave home without them, just in case!! Have a great new week!!

  4. Absolutely stunning artwork…..hard to pick a favourite!
    Donna xxx

    1. thank you Donna!! have a great Sunday!!!

  5. So many beautiful illustrations! I love them all!

    1. ahhh thank you Stefanie!! Thank you for coming to look. I hope you have a great week…

  6. I cannot tell which is my choice though I am leaning towards the second one. Both are stunning. Whatever lessons you took are presently taking have been well worth the effort. Beautiful work.

    1. Thank you Genie. I appreciate you coming to visit and comment. I hope you have a great new week!!

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