Distressed barn wood paintings

I have this new love for painting on distressed wood. I have been doing it for several years, but recently have developed this appreciation and admiration for these old pieces of wood. They have served their purposes well, and now, instead of being tossed out for trash, they have a new purpose. They truly are an example of how broken and worn, can turn into something of great beauty and worth.

Of course, I had my angels in mind as I was starting them. I used my palette knife to get some color on the background. Then after I drew my image, I painted over it, lightly so as not to hide the background colors . I gave my big angel some friends to play with, as I added several little sheep and a few birds…

auto correct



Then I did these two ladies on smaller pieces…



I added some pearls for them and some details and they are ready to be finished..

distressed 5 distressed 4

So until I get me some more distressed barn wood, this is all for now…

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Have a wonderful new week!!




  1. Lovely distressed wood pieces Jane!

    1. thank you Christine!

  2. I adore this painting, I too love nothing more then painting on wood, you get such a gorgeous texture from it don’t you
    Donna xxx

    1. yes, Donna, I love the texture with the palette knife effect! thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Wow, these are so pretty! You’re just amazing at drawing faces!

    1. thank you!! I am kind of drawn to the faces right now… I am sure I will move on eventually! Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. I love the texture of painting on wood. Such a different quality than canvas.

    1. yes, totally agree with you Barbara! I hope you have a great new week!!

  5. really nice effect from painting on the wood :DAC

    1. thank you Jennifer.. it is fun!! Have a great new week!!!

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