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In the midst of me telling myself that I should not be any more classes online….. because I am trying to keep up with the few that I have ongoing, I stumble upon this challenge. One of the artist that I love to keep  up with , Annie Hammen, and see her creations, was doing a 30 faces in 30 days challenge. Me, not wanting to be left out of something fun, jumped right on board. They have prompts for each day, and it is fun to try to use that prompt when creating your new face. Of course time is to be considered and I found out that if I can sketch the face out and watercolor it, then this challenge may be doable and not take as much time. I am enjoying learning water color, and this will be a good way to help me practice as I learn.

This prompt was for white… I think I may have missed the point on this one, lol, as some people were doing kind of white out, faded looks but I took it as using white as one of the primary colors…

This is a very cool wood canvas that I ordered from Redeemed Doug, online. He takes old palette boards and sands and treats them for others to use for art. It is so smooth and so fun to paint on. This particular one is 8×10, with the sides boxed, about 1 1/2 inches., Doug had finished this piece to use for acrylic so that is what I used for her..





This girl was just thrown into the group, as one I had drawn before but never finished so with the watercolors out, I finished her up.

animal 2

This one had the prompt of Animal spirits…





This one was prompted to be Twins



and this one was Wings.

Now, if you are interested in playing along, loo, look up Annie Hammen on facebook and join in the fun!

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Have a wonderful new week.





  1. I really like the eyes on all these pieces Jane.

    1. thank you Christine! Thanks for visiting, hope you are having a great Sunday!!

  2. These are some very sweet looking girls. Happy Sunday Sketches!

    1. thank you Arnoldo! hope you have a great new week!

    1. thank you Sue!! happy Sunday to you!!

  3. What gorgeous girls you have created.These sorts of challenges are too stressful for me so kudos to you!
    Happy Sunday

    1. thank you!! yes, it can get a bit stressful if you don`t watch out and it is early in the month too!! I may not finish strong but at least will try! LOL.. thanks for stopping by… hope you have a great new week!

  4. Wonderful faces! I love them all. I think they are so pretty done in those soft watercolor tones.

    1. thank you so much . Thanks for coming to visit. I hope you have a wonderful new week!!

  5. All of your girls are lovely Jane. I have to admit I had to go back and take a second and third look of the girl guided by an animal spirit. Her eyes were beautiful.

    1. thank you Ginny. that is kind of you to say!! thanks for visiting today, and happy Sunday Sketches!!

  6. those are all really nice, but love the first ones hair and all the flowers 🙂

    1. thank you Jennifer!! thanks for stopping by!! have a great rest of the week…

  7. I adore your style of painting! LOVE, LOVE all the girls. I’ve signed up for your blog & will follow you whenever you post.
    Thanks for sharing your talents.

    1. well thank you Nancy! Glad to have you anytime, to visit! I hope you have a great rest of the week!! Looking forward to having you come back and feel free to comment !!

  8. Impressive! Looks like the face challenge is working for you. I like joining challenges too and will have a look at this one. Thanks for sharing.

    1. thanks Juana. It makes you reach outside your own comfort zones sometimes and it is fun to see what others have done.. have a great rest of the week!

  9. Wonderful results for your face challenges, Jane. They’re all cute but I think my fave is still the gal with the polka dotted shirt. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a good week!

    1. thank you Alexandra! That one was fun because it was done on recycled palette boards. So smooth. Thanks for visiting!! hope you have a great rest of the week!!

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